Four Tips to Help You Purchase a Pair of Dress Shoes that Truly Fit

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Men purchase shoes for utility, style, fashion, and other reasons. When buying men’s shoes, it is important to ensure they fit and won’t fall apart within months of purchase. Shoes that don’t fit are uncomfortable and bad for foot health. And a bad shoe purchase can have you buying more shoes than you have to. Finding the right dress shoes prevents buyer’s remorse. Here are some tips to purchase the right pair of dress shoes:

Have Your Feet Measured in Store

Even if you are confident about your size, have your feet measured in store. Keep in mind that your feet can change over time and you may be wearing the wrong sized shoe for many years without knowing it. It helps to know your Bannock size. Also, the last of the dress shoe is a significant factor in choosing the right size and fit. It is the wooden mould of the shoe that determines its shape, height, and width. Often, comparing the Bannock size with the last of a shoe can help determine the true fit.

Try on the Shoes

While in store, try the shoes on before you purchase them. But, if you buy shoes online, look for a quality local seller such as Sandrini Shoes that will have their products, knowledge, and experience help you with the fitting. It can always help to do your homework first before you purchase anything whether online or offline.

Choose Shoes That Fit Correctly

You will know if a dress shoe fits correctly when it encloses snugly around the middle of your foot. It must not be tight or pinch; however, enclosed enough to ensure your foot does not slip forward. Also, your toes should have enough room at the front of the shoe without touching the inside of your toe cap. When shopping for dress shoes, consider using the socks you normally wear. 

Determine the Style that Fits the Shape of Your Foot

There are different styles of dress shoes that fit different foot shapes. Those who have high insteps or wide feet won’t feel comfortable wearing a closed lace shoe. Meanwhile, a shoe that has open lacing will usually be suitable for those with a wider foot. Men with high insteps can go for a monk shoe with a double buckle as this lets them control the distribution of pressure more evenly. A tighter-fitting instep requires slip-on shoes, so the foot won’t move about.