Drivn Apparel: Underground to the Core and Carrying Through Without Letup

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When it comes to streetwear, a great marque normally enjoys a winning formula of: a timeless and memorable name, great artwork and design, and the enduring trust of those who seek it, because the patrons know they can always trust the brand to deliver and never switch.  That’s exactly what Drivn Apparel has built from it’s underground lair for over a quarter century. From the likes of skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding, and even race car driving, it is asought after brand for those in the know and where Drivn Apparel excels the most. It is an American lifestyle, leisure, and clothing brand based in San Marcos, Texas with a global if not galactic feel and motif. It was created to cater to a specific market, particularly skateboarders, hip-hop cultures, counterculture, and the youth, as a whole. The brand manufactures their own skateboards, caps, shoes, clothing, and accessories.

Nothing was handed to Drivn Apparel. In fact, it struggled mightily at first — like any other business especially in the lofty and often fickle world of streetwear — it struggled to find its way in the ever-competitive industry of sports and fashion, considering the number of major players. However, true to the company’s namesake, founder and ex-BMX racer and amateur race car driver O.D. Crayton III, together with his roommate and art student David McClinton, were hellbent to “carry through without letup” – never relenting, spending countless hours, months, and years on end envisioning, planning, and building their business from the ground up. It was not an easy feat, but with passion and dedication, they were able to bring Drivn Apparel to where it is today.

More than two decades after its humble and unlikely beginnings, and through the magic of word of mouth and chance encounters, Drivn Apparel is now one of the most recognized underground streetwear brands in the world. Today, it has a fully operational online store that caters to clients and fans around the world. You can now reach this underground treasure through the usual social media haunts (not that they care) but are most active on Instagram. Akin to a fish truly out of water, company CEO Crayton, states the company has developed a dedicated mobile app they will be rolling out in the summer of 2021, so customers can learn more about the brand and their wares, whilst easily shopping new products using phones or tablets. Crayton went on to say, “It’s not fair to keep it underground and hidden forever. It’s the right time to share this company with the world.”

Feel free to visit drivnapparel.com for more information about available products and merchandise. Follow their social media accounts so you can learn more about this iconic company and stay updated on their latest product offerings and other new and exciting promos!