Exciting $500 Gift Ideas for Her on Your Special Day

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$500 is indeed a luxury amount for those residing in the United States of America or any other country where the dollar is the medium of currency. Planning to gift your beloved ones on a budget of $500 is indeed going to make them much happier because of the exuberance and luxury attached to it. If you are completely perplexed on what you could buy for $500, then you need to read below.

  • Cashmere travel set

If your wife is very fond of traveling, then you need to gift this Cashmere travel set. This is made up of an exquisite woolen eye mask, blanket, and socks as a part of the package.

  • Ball gown 

There could be a lot of occasions where your wife would be attending a grand function. During such extravagant events, one could flaunt this ball gown and grace the occasion like a true complete goddess. Also, you could adorn the day by wearing these beautiful gowns.

  • Cat-eye sunglasses

There are different types of frames available in the market. However, the cat-eye sunglasses are taking the attention of the buyers to a great extent in today’s times. They are designed in such a way that it gives a royal feel to those who are flaunting it. It goes well with any kind of attire that makes it one of the most preferred buying options for a gift on your special occasion like a wedding anniversary.

  • Leather card holder 

We live in a digital age where money is stored in digital currency formats mostly. Planning to purchase a luxury leather cardholder from some of the top brands would make your wife very happy.

  • Leather shoulder bag 

You need to purchase a leather shoulder bag to appear better in different outfits. These leather shoulder bags are a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. Planning to give your wife a leather shoulder bag is an exciting idea.

  • Stone embellished sandals 

A woman’s wardrobe is never enough for a new shoe or sandals. These stone embellished sandals make her appear straight out of a Disney movie.

  • I love you to the moon and back jewelry 

You could purchase these words embossed on a metal pendant, attach it with a chain and gift it to your loved ones. These jewelry tops the list of expensive gifts for her.

These are some of the gifting options you are well aware of if you have a budget set for about five hundred dollars. They are worth the money and would delight your partner for sure.