Check Out The Features Of White Gold Vs Platinum Online

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When it comes to White gold vs platinum there are a lot of differences. If you are willing to choose your engagement ring, you can make a choice between white gold vs platinum. In comparison with white gold, Platinum is always considered to be a better option.


White gold is composed of 75% pure gold but it changes color with due time. Platinum maintains its color and you can be expecting it to have the same brightness for a period of time. White gold is made up of an alloy of nickel. These materials are silver in color and when it is combined with cold, it has a whitish appearance. You can still expect a tint of yellow. It is then coated with rhodium plating. It is a very hard and silvery metal and it gains a brilliant appearance after the coating. The rhodium plating does not last forever. So you can expect the material to lose its color after using it for a certain time.


You can get it professionally polished to maintain its brightness every 6 months. There will be a new plating of rhodium on the ring that will make it give a new look. If you are looking to buy white gold you need to maintain it properly. You also have to pay a service charge when you go for a new coating. Where as in this case of platinum, there is no maintenance charge as such. It is a naturally bright metal that looks silver whitish in color.

Give a polish

In order to maintain it, you can give it a polish every two years. It is going to be enough to maintain the platinum piece of jewelry that you own. The maintenance of white gold vs platinum is not the same and in the case of white gold, you need to invest a lot of money and time. You should definitely keep this in mind while making a purchase.


In terms of cost, Platinum can be more costly. Platinum rings are made up of 95% Platinum whereas the normal white gold rings are made up of 75% gold. Due to the high melting temperatures, it is more labor-intensive which increases the overall cost of the jewelry. You can check out the online websites and compare the prices of white gold vs platinum.


If you are concerned about which is the durable material White gold vs platinum, you can easily vouch for Platinum. It is an equally strong and durable metal and it does not get damaged easily. Whereas White Gold tends to scratch more easily because of its plating. In terms of the price that you have to pay while purchasing Platinum, you can expect it to last longer because of its resistant nature. Even if there are statements of white gold being durable and stronger in nature, it is absolutely vague. You should always go for a material that is durable in nature. It should not get easily damaged even if you wear it on a regular basis.