Buy the Best Artificial Gajra Hair Accessory

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Do you know about Gajra? It is a traditional hair accessory made out of real or artificial flowers. Garland of flowers called gajra worn over the hair by the women. Generally, women wore gajra over the bun to make their hair attractive. Gajra flowers can also be styled over half tied hair or long braid or ponytail that look perfect.

Women adorned gajra with their traditional attire during festive times and wedding seasons. Women love to wear fresh flower gajra made of jasmine, pink or red rose. Artificial gajra online available in many different types, such as some golden pearl with pink artificial flowers, white flowers with copper beads, etc.

Gajra is an essential ornament to get an attractive hairstyle used for the decorative purposes generally by Indian women. In South India, some women also wear gajra on the wrist during wedding seasons. Because gajra is made of flowers symbolizes freshness, positivity, and liveliness. Besides, gajra made up of real flowers give a whole day freshness even in a humid environment. 

Are You Aware of Gajra History

Well, Gajra for hair is a very important part of ‘Solah Singaar’ for an Indian bride on their wedding day. According to Hindu myth, gajra gives positivity in a woman’s life. So, it is an essential ornament on a daily basis for a woman or girl. In the early days, on all religious occasions, gajra made with Jasmine flowers was imperative. The main reason was because Jasmine has a strong fragrance which gives freshness that stays the whole day. 

Why Gajra for Hair 

Nowadays, at Indian weddings, every bride loves to wear Gajra for hair on their wedding day. In South India, teenage girls love to wear Gajra over the ponytail as a fashion symbol. Besides this, classical dancers wore Gajra in their performances. In the ancient times, only jasmine or white colour Gajras was famous. But today, different coloured Gajra are also in huge demand. To cope up with the demand, new designs gajras are also knocking the market. Now, Gajras are also available with tiny red roses beautifully incorporated with jasmine flowers and some golden beads. Sometimes, a bride-to-be ready with Gajra on the wrist looks auspicious.

In this fast-paced world, it is not always possible to buy fresh flower Gajra for hair. However, there are many other options. As we all know, every problem has a solution. Therefore, the solution for this problem is to buy artificial Gajra online from a variety of different collections. Some of the options include- golden hair accessory with beads, golden and Copper beads Gajra, golden rose with Copper beads Gajra, white flowers and Copper beads Gajra, pink flower Gajra, Red Gajra with golden and Silver, Rustic golden gajra, metal hair Gajra, dark yellow colour Gajra, Red and Magenta colour Gajra and much more.

Buy Artificial Gajra Online 

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