Can Technology Make Better Diamonds Compared With Earlier Time? 

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Influence of diamonds on the evolution of technology - BAUNAT

Modern technology has a drastic impact on human life. There is no doubt about it but it can put an impact on the diamonds also. Diamonds are mostly used in glamorous jewellery. But can technology make better diamonds compared with the earlier times now that’s a good talk. 

Technology is used in the making and growing of diamonds. There are different kinds of machines that are used in diamonds to give them proper design and shape. However, there are ways that technology makes better diamonds are: 

  • One of the traces of modern technology used in diamonds is the ability to create diamonds for example lab grown diamonds, artificial diamonds. 
  • Lasers have been used in the diamonds. Like it can be used to cut diamonds. 
  • Using modern technology, the diamonds can be polished. 

There are many more ways how technology makes better diamonds than the earlier times.

However, there is much speculation regarding hpht vs cvd diamonds. There are many companies that produce many categories of diamonds using technology. They apply many methods of growing diamonds like modern technology machines and standard designs. But some companies have come up with some misinformation about hpht vs cvddiamonds that has raised many questions in the customer’s mind. Some of the companies say hpht diamond are best, other companies states cvd diamonds are best. 

Be it hpht diamonds or cvd diamonds each has its own specialty and beauty. There are some key differences that customers should have an idea about. 

  • Growing process 

One of the major differences between the hpht diamond and cvd diamond is how they grow. Hpht diamonds grow in cuboctahedron shape even they have 14 growth directions. On the contrary, the cvd diamonds grow in cubic and have only 1 growth direction. 

  • Colour 

There is a difference between the colours too. As hpht diamondsare associated with more yellowish and brownish diamonds. Whereas, the cvd diamond is the first one to create colourless gems. 

  • Made in cost 

The process of hpht diamond is very costly as the energy and equipment it needs when producing diamonds. Cvd diamonds are less costly as they can work well at moderate temperatures also less equipment is needed in the process. 

Nonetheless, be it any kind of diamonds technology does play a vital role in making process. Hence, there is no double that technology does make better diamonds.