Where to Buy Face Masks That Are Stylish 

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Due to grave Covid-19 situation wearing masks are now mandatory for the safety of people and stopping the spread of coronavirus. Face Mask are now an inseparable part of humans, as whenever you have to step out of your house, you need to wear face masks. 

Experts highly recommend the use of fabric face masks as they are easily washable and economical. A fabric face mask can be washed with your regular laundry. Due to the high rise in the demand for face masks many big companies, local vendors and independent workers came forth to produce face masks. Now we even have pearl-studded face masks, or masks with superhero characters, cool quotes and one-liners written in the mask, floral, checked, striped, solid coloured masks and so on. Along with safety masks serve as a fashion and style statement. You might notice celebrities wearing quite fancy masks.

Want a stylish face mask? Let’s find out the best places in Ireland:

1. Stitches

stitches is a 40 years old enterprise that has its unique and customized range of reusable face masks Ireland. The key advantage of buying facemasks produced by the Galway company is their products are completely made up of cotton. Apart from being successful and well-established, the firm is quite generous as they have contributed one thousand masks fro the frontline workers.

Price: €24 pack of 4

2. Love Laurie’s designs

James Kavanagh is a very famous and successful Irish influencer. Nowadays, he has been witnessed one of Love Laurie’s designed face masks. Just to make you stand out among the crowd and turn your Covid-19 masks into accessories you can get any Lauren Murphy designed facemasks for your upcoming outing.

You can simply drop your orders at her Instagram account and drop messages to enquire more about the price, designs and your placing customized orders.


3. DNM Paisley Face Mask

The fabric used by DNM Paisley for making face masks are totally breathable and the fibres used for making masks are very durable, thereby making these masks easily washable and reusable. It has got a unique cut to ensure proper fit and protection at the same time.

Price: €5

4. Irish milliner Martha Lynn

Irish milliner Martha Lynn produces very soft face masks, that are available in two colours and two sizes. Doctors Without Borders/Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF) receives a percentage of each mask sold.

Price: €17.

5. Stable of Ireland

Stable of Ireland is specialized for making travel masks that are reusable as well as sustainable. If you are really a fan of locally-made stuff, you must go for these b-layered masks. 

Price: €20

Wearing a face mask is mandatory, if you procure stylish face masks it breaks the everyday monotony and offers something to be excited for. Just remember stylish or usual, never go out in public places without masks, As Ireland stands forth to fight against the coronavirus.

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