What is the fashion of jeans all over the world?

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In this article, we are going to talk about the famous fashion of womens jeans in the world. Also, we will discuss the legal cases that happened in the world around jeans.

What is fashion for wearing jeans?

Jeans are the things that have won over the hearts of people and even kids. People of all ages, irrespective of their gender, like to wear jeans anytime they want to. After many years of jeans in the market, it has seen a rise in people buying and wearing them.

It does not matter whether they are rich, poor, or middle-class people. Everyone in today’s world has jeans as common wear in their wardrobe. It is safe to say that jeans have another name for it called fashion.

It is called so because many people are inventing new ways of making jeans or wearing jeans with new styles. People have now started mixing traditional wear with jeans and also casual wear with jeans. Some people also mix formal clothing with jeans to give it a more casual and good look.

Jeans have made the market for clothing rise over a few years. Many companies in the world make jeans and that of different types. Jeans have led us to a place where people mix social culture with traditional culture.

What is the history of jeans?

Jeans were used by early class working people as their daily wear as these were strong and durable. It was a thick, strong, and long-lasting pair of trousers which can survive almost any condition. It was made from thick cotton named Gene made in the city of Italy hence its name jeans.

Jeans were like a common thing to wear for those people who are working almost every day. A tailor in Nevada names Jacob Davis wanted to make jeans, but he could not patent it. He could not have put copper rivet on the jeans by himself, or the pocket will get torn easily. This would ruin the image of jeans in the eyes of the people, and also, he wanted to add a style quotient.

Then he met with Levi Strauss, and with their idea, they partnered up and created jeans with rivets. The first-ever jeans for casual wear with rivet were made in the year 1873. According to the 2012 jeans sales report, they have a market of over $66 billion.

What are the legal cases that took place?

Here is the list of cases that took place regarding the matter of jeans.

  •  Indian divorce case

In the year 2014 in India, there was a family of a wedded couple. The husband had an objection to the wife wearing jeans on traditional clothing. So he would scold her, and due to the special marriage act in India, the wife had filed a divorce.

  •  Italian rape case

In Italy, a man was accused of kidnapping a girl from the supermarket and raping her. It was said in his statement that there were marks of the forceful act of struggling as the victim was wearing tight jeans.