What Distinguishes Perfect 12 Introductions From Others?

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Perfect 12 Introductions is a superior service for connecting individuals who are highly desired in their search for romantic relationships. Perfect 12 is headquartered in Los Angeles and facilitates global interpersonal connections. Discover the advantages of utilizing Perfect 12 as opposed to alternative dating applications for the purpose of finding a romantic partner.

Practical Approach

Simona Fusco, the creator and CEO of Perfect 12, restricts the amount of clients she accepts annually. Simona is able to provide personalized attention to each consumer due to her limited client base. Simona provides guidance to her clients by actively being in their presence. She will dedicate the necessary effort to ascertain your desired qualities in a companion and your preferred lifestyle. This increases the probability of finding a suitable match.

Work With an Experienced and Committed Matchmaker

Simona Fusco transitioned into a career as a professional matchmaker following the conclusion of her own enduring romantic partnership. She was prepared to venture out once more. She saw that a significant number of the services did not meet the expected standard, which was disheartening. Simona subsequently acquired comprehensive knowledge about the sector with the intention of enhancing it, as she perceived it to be severely deficient.

Verified Customers

The issue with other matching services is in their failure to verify the background of those utilizing their platform thoroughly. Rest assured that Perfect 12 diligently conducts thorough research on each potential client to ensure that they do not match you with anyone who possesses a criminal past.


Completion of a resume is a prerequisite for the matching procedure. It is important to note that your name is not visible to anybody else. The website is inaccessible to all users. A password will be provided to you, allowing you to modify it as necessary.

The description is the initial impression that a potential spouse perceives about you. The inclusion of your images will be a crucial component of your CV. Your page should contain a minimum of three photos. Include a photograph that specifically features your facial appearance. It is necessary to include a single image that captures the entire body. You have the ability to transform the third photo into any desired form.

Assistance With Dating

You may possess numerous commendable qualities. Nevertheless, you may encounter difficulties in social interactions. If you have previously been in a long-term relationship, your proficiency in dating may be compromised. Our coaches are available to provide guidance on appropriate behavior and conversation topics for your initial romantic encounter.

Effective Love Stories That Succeed With Flawless 12 Introductions

Perfect 12 Introductions boasts an impressive success rate of 90%. We are the exclusive matching service that received the Global Excellence Award from the Mayor of Los Angeles. We have facilitated successful connections for a diverse range of individuals, including celebrities, athletes, and entrepreneurs. Our website’s evaluations feature testimonials from numerous successful couples we have facilitated in forming fulfilling relationships. We will also locate the appropriate individual for you. Contact Perfect 12 Introductions immediately.