What are the best products for hair growth after chemo?

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Unfortunately, there is still no permanent cure for cancer. However, some cancer patients are lucky to get another chance to live their lives. But they undergo several dreadful experiences throughout their chemotherapy journey. Among many such experiences, hair loss is one of the most common. It is a natural side effect of chemotherapy, and some drugs used in this therapy can cause complete baldness.

However, the good news is there are several ways to regain your hair faster after chemotherapy. Patients can surely mend the situation, boosting hair growth and confidence in their appearance.

Let’s delve deeper to find out the best products for hair growth soon after chemotherapy.

Although hair growth most likely happens at the same rate before chemotherapy treatment, it is significant to be realistic when choosing commercially available hair growth products for cancer patients.

Biotin-rich shampoo:

Biotin-based hair products are known to speed up the rate of hair growth. Biotin is considered an essential nutrient for hair. The products replenish the hair’s natural nutrients and amino acids to enable the follicle to produce healthy, thicker, and denser hair.

A shampoo formulated with biotin prevents rapid hair fall and helps the follicle stimulate healthy hair growth, and can actually help replenish hair growth after chemotherapy. Using biotin shampoo and keratin conditioner can produce great results for patients undergoing treatment, not only by improving hair growth but by helping remove the damaging toxins and chemicals left by treatment..

Regular use of biotin shampoo, biotin keratin conditioner, and biotin hair restoration spray can do wonders for cancer patients in terms of hair growth, especially post-chemotherapy. The patients can see the difference in the first two to three months after the last treatment. Not only hair growth, but cancer patients suffering hair loss can also notice a change in hair thickness, texture, and hair volume after using biotin-rich shampoo and conditioner.

Hair growth stimulating shampoo:

Natural products containing biotin, jojoba, saw palmetto, keratin and amino acids are very effective for helping remove toxins and help the body restore the normal hair growth cycle for patients during and after chemotherapy.

Experts also recommend using cold caps during treatment sessions which your doctor can recommend that do not regrow hair but slow down the process of hair loss by impacting blood flow to the scalp. It prevents chemotherapy drugs from reaching hair follicle cells and reduces hair fall.

DHT block spray:

Patients using biotin shampoo and keratin conditioner may add a biotin DHT blocker spray. DHT refers to a chemical in our body that causes the follicles to bear thinner hair before they finally go sterile. Although there isn’t any technique to effectively stop the body from producing it, it can be stopped from reaching the hair follicles. Therefore, a DHT blocker spray is essential to restore your hair volume during chemotherapy.

Take care of your diet:

Taking good care of our health is our priority. So, besides using the best products for growing your hair after chemotherapy, it is equally important to take care of your diet. A well-balanced diet packed with vitamins, lots of water, and proteins is said to improve blood flow to the scalp and boost hair growth. Not to forget, plenty of sleep and exercise play a significant role in strengthening your body. The healthier you are, the healthier your hair follicles will be to support more hair on the scalp.

To add more, choose sulphate and paraben-free shampoos, as these are harsh and harmful to the hair. Products containing sulphate and paraben are not restorative to delicate and shedding hair.