What Are the Best Luxury Watches?

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There are many different types of luxury watches available on the market. You can choose a Patek Philippe or Rolex for example. If you want to make a more sophisticated choice, you can try a Graves Supercomplication. These watches are also considered among the best luxury watches because of their sophisticated designs and features. Before we get into this list of the best luxury watches on the market, check out this interesting article that looks at the most expensive watches ever sold. This will certainly give you an idea just how much some of these luxury watch brands are worth!

Graves Supercomplication

The Graves Supercomplication luxury watch features a minute repeater, equation of time, perpetual calendar, grand and petite sonnerie (chimes), sunrise and sunset indications, and a celestial map of New York City’s sky. It also features a date window and a chronograph with split-seconds. In addition, it has 900 parts and is the world’s most complex watch without a computer.

The Henry Graves Supercomplication luxury watch is a feat of engineering. It was created in 1880 and is the most complicated watch before the advent of computers. The watch has 24 complications, including a perpetual calendar accurate to 2100, moon phases, sidereal time, the equation of time, sunrise, and sunset.

The Henry Graves Supercomplication is the most complicated mechanical pocket watch ever made. It is made of 18-karat gold and was commissioned by banker Henry Graves Jr. Both Graves and Packard were avid collectors of complex timepieces. The Henry Graves Supercomplication will be auctioned off in Geneva on 11 November.

Graves was a quiet man. He was a banker before he became a watchmaker, and his father was a figure from the gilded age of American finance. Although he did not work as a 9-to-five banker, he spent his spare time hoarding coveted artwork and rare coins. Graves was also a keen sportsman. He was fascinated by the micro-techniques of watchmaking.

Patek Philippe

If you are looking for a luxury watch that is incredibly expensive, you should consider a Patek Philippe. These watches are highly sought-after, and many people will have to wait years for them to become available. However, if you can’t wait, you can always consider purchasing a second-hand Patek Philippe. These watches can fetch up to 50% more than the official list price. In recent years, Patek watches have seen their market value skyrocket.

Patek Philippe’s success is rooted in their heritage. Founded in 1851, the company has grown into a worldwide icon of design and horology. Queen Victoria, for one, was an admirer of Patek Philippe’s watches in the 1850s. This luxury watchmaker does not invest millions of dollars in marketing, instead relying on communities of watch collectors to promote their products. Currently, there are 8 collections of Patek Philippe luxury watches, including a collection for men and a ladies collection.

Originally, Patek Philippe was known under a different name. The founders, Antoine Norbert de Patek and Adrien Philippe, were Polish cavalrymen who decided to start a watchmaking business. In 1851, they partnered with a watchmaker named Adrien Philippe, who had developed a keyless winding mechanism. As a result, the company was renamed to Patek, Philippe & Cie and received numerous patents for their creations.


If you have been thinking about purchasing a Rolex watch, you’ve probably heard of its unique position in the luxury watch market. The company’s legacy has allowed it to survive in a market that’s hard to break into, and it is not burdened with the need to grow market share or maximize profits. This approach has meant that the brand has long outlasted its founder, and it is thus immune to trends and short supply.

In the early twentieth century, Wilsdorf realized the appeal of precision timekeeping. His company became the first wristwatch to carry a Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision, which was awarded by the Official Watch Rating Centre in Bienne, Switzerland. Recognizing the importance of accuracy, Wilsdorf sought to capitalize on the market by developing technological innovations that would help it meet the needs of the civilian population. He secured a patent for a date magnifier, and his iconic Cyclops became instantly recognizable to watch lovers worldwide. In short, Wilsdorf had recognized the power of marketing and tapped into it to develop one of the most sought-after luxury watches ever.

Rolex has become synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, and wearing a Rolex is not just wearing a watch. It is wearing a status symbol that is worth millions of dollars. While Apple Watch and other newer high-tech watches have been sweeping the industry, people continue to buy Rolex watches because of the prestige and quality they convey.

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet is a French luxury watch company. They are a family-owned and operated business that has been making watches for over 140 years. This is a true classic brand with an unbroken line of family ownership. These watches are hand-finished and take a full year to make. They also require the help of an entire team of highly trained and skilled watchmakers and engineers to create.

These watches are incredibly expensive, beginning at 14500 USD for a chronograph model. However, these watches come in a wide range of prices, with recent chronograph editions going up to 58,000 USD. For those looking for a more affordable timepiece, Audemars Piguet also makes other versions of the Royal Oak Offshore with more complicated movements and a lower price tag.

Audemars Piguet watches are considered one of the best in the world. The brand started in 1875 and is still run by the founding families. Since then, the company has nurtured generations of watch artisans who have continuously expanded their expertise and honed their savoir-faire. Many of the world’s most iconic watches have come out of the Audemars Piguet workshop.

Tag Heuer Autavia

The name Autavia comes from a portmanteau of the two words automobile and aviation. In fact, the first Autavia watch was originally created for instrument panels on airplanes and racing cars. Since then, the Autavia collection has maintained its reputation for precision. These watches are fitted with the company’s most renowned ‘5’ calibre and feature a smoked green dial with coated hands and numerals.

While the price of Autavia watches can be relatively low, the brand is seeing increased demand for its watches. As a result, they’re now able to command higher prices. For example, a brand new Autavia Calibre 02 watch can sell for astronomical amounts. Similarly, a piece that is in mint condition may fetch even higher prices.

The Autavia collection has a legendary history. This legendary collection was first introduced in 1962. It started out as a watch for airplanes and cars, but today it has branched out into wristwatches. The distinctive chronograph pushers, extra-large crown and flyback feature are all hallmarks of Autavia timepieces.

Roger Dubuis

The history of Roger Dubuis luxury watches is extensive. The company was founded by Carlos Dias, a passionate horology enthusiast and collector. He decided to devote himself to the luxury goods industry in 1993. By 1995, he established his own company. Initially named SOGEM (Societe Genevoise des Montres), the company was granted Manufacture status in 1999. The brand has grown from strength to strength and today boasts six new movements, including the Kingsquare Skeleton.

The brand is known for producing avant-garde timepieces that push the limits of horology. Many of its models have been referenced as being among the world’s most innovative and unique architectural skeletonised movements. This collection is sure to impress with its distinctive design and high-tech features.

The company’s latest creation pays homage to the Lamborghini supercar. The Excalibur features a Duotor movement, a hybrid chronograph movement based on the V12 engine of the Lamborghini. It also features two ticking balance wheels that help even out rate errors. The Excalibur watch is also a tribute to the legendary sword offered to King Arthur on the island of Avalon. This collaboration demonstrates the brand’s dedication to making luxury timepieces that are reminiscent of the exotic car culture.

Richard Mille

Although Richard Mille is a young brand, it has managed to penetrate the luxury watch market by not compromising on quality. No watch leaves its workshop with even the slightest flaw. The Richard Mille design process exposes every single component of the watch. It uses titanium, which is a demanding metal to work with.

The Richard Mille luxury watch case is made from two different materials, titanium and white gold. Titanium is extremely lightweight and shock proof. The design of this case is influenced by racing cars. Its innovative design combines traditional luxury watch elements with cutting-edge technology. It is not only beautiful, but also very functional.

The Richard Mille Group is made up of several companies. Horometrie SA and Guenat SA Montres Valgine are two companies that produce Richard Mille luxury watches. Another company is ProArt, which produces watch components. The company also has other brands, including VMDH and Cercle d’Art. As of 2018, the group employed 148 people. Dominique Guenat joined the company in 1986 and took over in 1991.

The Richard Mille brand combines exclusive materials with complex complications to create a high-quality timepiece. For example, the RM 052 Skull features a tourbillon in a rose gold case. Its titanium baseplate and bridges are shaped like a human skull. The price tag for this model is almost $1 million USD.