Weddings in contact with nature – Make that special moment remarkable

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Gothic cathedrals, a romantic church, the top of a hill, on the beach at dawn, or in contact with nature – all these are examples of places where many of the future couples have already thought of organizing their wedding and drink. Couples usually have to have a special, personalized touch. However, there is nothing quite as romantic as a Coastal Wedding Venue gulf coast al in the middle of the Mediterranean climate, with the sea in the background and a grand banquet accompanied by wine for the wedding reception. Find here top beautiful places in contact with nature in Spain.

Fain Viejo

Fain Viejo was an old agricultural farm that continues to maintain an imposing character and offers a spectacular setting to celebrate the union and subsequent celebration of your wedding. The place has large interior rooms and outdoor gardens. The farm has nine rooms perfect for the couple to spend their wedding night without having to move.

ME Ibiza

Thanks to its incredible beaches and unmistakable sunsets, Ibiza is a heavenly place and a dream setting to celebrate weddings in Spain. The ME Ibiza is a beautiful hotel with beachside facilities for a romantic wedding by the sea. It has outdoor and indoor spaces that can be organized to carry out the celebration according to the taste of the bride and groom. 

Hill of Cutamilla

This historic property, located in a private nature reserve, has an area of ​​1,200 hectares. With magnificent gardens and interior spaces cared for to the smallest detail, the property guarantees the exclusivity and privacy of your wedding at all times.

Soto de Gracia

Soto de Gracia is a farm with capacity for more than 500 people, located on the outskirts of Madrid, on the banks of the Jarama River. The completely renovated facilities will make every minute of the celebration a unique moment, impossible to forget. Enjoy large open-air green areas.

Salobre Resort & Serenity

The Salobre Hotel Resort & Serenity is located in the countryside, and is a spectacular 5-star resort, perfect for enjoying any type of event and wedding. The hotel offers spectacular views of the mountains and the sea, as well as having one of the most important golf courses in the region. It also has several swimming pools and 313 rooms with sun loungers on the balconies.

Cybele Palace

Thanks to the Cybele Palace, it is now possible to get married in one of the most emblematic buildings in Madrid. This building has an incredible terrace overlooking the center of the capital, perfect for a dream wedding. It is possible to organize a banquet for up to 100 people and for 130 people in a cocktail format.

If you are interested in seeing more places to get married in Spain, do not forget to hire a Spain wedding venue operator at affordable prices.