Ultimate wedding photo booth checklist – What do you need to know?

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Quality photo booth vendors and rental companies get booked 6-12+ months in advance in many areas. If wanting one for your summer Saturday wedding, you’ll likely need to inquire and reserve the previous year. The most experienced operators with the best backdrops, props, and accessories go quickly. Competition for peak weekends like Saturdays in June or September is fierce. Know your preferred dates and guest count estimate early, and get one booked pronto. Short notice bookings under 3 months out mean slimmer pickings for availability and options.

Verify setup needs

Clarify all the photo booth dimensions, electrical requirements like outlets or generator needs, and the footprint ahead of booking. Some compact booths fit in 4’x6’ spaces, while larger ones require nearly 8’x8’. If planning for an outdoor tented reception or crowded banquet hall, measure to ensure sufficient room exists in your planned spot. Ask about assistance with hauling booth parts like stairs if the location poses challenges. You don’t want surprises the day of that prevent setup in your chosen ideal location. If power sources are lacking, some operators provide silent generators. Just know the requirements before signing agreements.

Address logistics

Factor in adequate time in your wedding day photography timeline and reception schedule for the photo booth. Typically, operators arrive 1-2 hours before guest arrival to completely set up the booth, backdrops, props, lighting, and test equipment. And don’t schedule their contracted hours to end before the real ‘last dance’ finale unless you communicate extended time may get added later to capture moments til the end. Build in a buffer just in case. Also, note if the company or rental requires taking down earlier to haul away that night post-reception.

Book an attendant

While photo booths seem like unattended setups guests manage themselves, having an assistant there facilitates smoother, more enjoyable experiences. They handle logistics like adjusting props and backdrops, ensuring optimal lighting, and troubleshooting tech glitches so the booth keeps humming. Attendants also encourage shyer guests to open up and pose while suggesting wild prop combos for over-the-top shots. They build energy and excitement while also organizing foot traffic flow. Splurge on attendant services to maximize the experience.

Lighting makes a difference

It seems simple but lighting has a big effect on photo booth photos and the attraction factor across the room. Harsh overheads cast strange shadows while low lighting yields dark or blurry shots. Analyze the venue’s lighting angles at different times of day for optimal booth orientation. Many operators provide adjustable specialized lighting for balanced, softly lit interiors without glare. Well-lit booths draw more visitors from afar and ensure everyone looks their best, not shiny and washed out. Quality shows in the photos when the lighting shines.

Protect photos and save signage 

At the wedding, assign someone to empty the box of photo prints periodically to prevent overflow or guest book vandalization. Provide pens for any print signing should you choose. Also, display clear visual signage about printing processes, sharing instructions, and your event hashtag, so participants understand the next steps. Having solid directions benefits intoxicated guests too. Finally, pack completed guest book prints carefully in a protected box overnight until next-day album assembly and digitization. Get the full detail from https://www.snap-booth.com/locations-photo-booths-uk.