Two Very Important Steps in Choosing Your Wedding Photography and Destination Wedding Photographer

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There are just so many good questions about wedding photography and destination wedding photographers that soon to be newlyweds have all the time. Here are some of the most common questions they always ask. Where do I start looking for my photographer? How do I choose my photographer? Should I hire my photographer or flyaway straight to the destination before hiring one?

Ahh the wedding day blues, if you need some good old advice from the photography experts, they would always recommend a few things. So today I will be sharing with you 2 easy steps to follow when hiring your top Melbourne wedding photographer.

I made it all easy for you, easy to follow, and easy to share if you know someone who is planning on getting married.

When hiring your wedding photographer the number one important step that I highly recommend is choosing your own style. It is really key and really important as a starting point, so you have to decide on the kind of photography that you are looking for for your wedding day. Start by creating your mood board, this is very important because this is when you start choosing all the images that inspire you. You can even choose like not only just wedding photos but you can also choose tablescapes or florals and you’ll start eventually and claiming yourself to a certain style.

Okay, because there are numerous amount of photography styles to look for you can probably choose something very warm and moody. Some dark tones, maybe overexposed, maybe you want film photography, maybe you want something contrasting and saturated or even if you want something, maybe with lots of speed lights and flashes.

These are good to plan ahead and write down as part of choosing your style. You also have the option of something more candid or maybe you want something like a combination of just like a handed-down photo with a little bit of posing. Once you have this mood board ready you’ll eventually fall into that style that you really really love for your wedding day. And also make sure that you don’t get burned in, just kidding! Also don’t forget to get your significant other to be part of this, if they’re involved in this process they will feel really important. And make sure that you both love the same style and will agree to it.

The number two tip is to make sure to go over their wedding galleries. Your prospect photographer will have their full galleries from beginning to end, from the getting ready to the bride and groom session, up to the ceremony reception.

You know us, as photographers, we love to showcase all these images that are stunning and gorgeous but some of these come from workshops or they come from editorials. Your wedding will always be and will not be an editorial shoot, it’s not a photography workshop, it’s a real wedding. Real timelines, real brides, real grooms. Not models, not styled shoots, not workshops, but the real thing. Not an editorial, a real wedding and not only that but make sure that they have experience shooting destination weddings before.

You know if you’re a local and you understand the weather aspects, humidity of your place, and planned destination. And also it’s good to know if they’ve probably shot into the venue that you are getting married! And if they have not been there, not to worry because they’ll probably scout the location before your wedding day. Make sure this is part of their to-do list or plan list. So let’s see, first, you choose your photography style along with your significant other, and then number two, you go through your photographers’ real wedding galleries and check on their plans and to-do list. Check out the top destinations by visiting Best Travel Agency Philippines.