Trendy Look By Wearing Sequin Pants

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If so far the trend of sequins is identical to suits. But now sequins are made into pants that look elegant. Sequin pants also come with a skinny model.

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By wearing sequins you can show various styles at once. Here are some styles of using sequins.

Sequin Skinny Pants

Sequin pants can be combined with a jeans shirt. You will also look elegant if you combine it with black velvet boots. These are tips so that you don’t look too much and look elegant when wearing sequins.

Silver Sequin Pants

Sequin pants can also be used for all activities. But what needs to be considered is the boss you wear, so that it still looks formal. Combine silver sequins pants with a t-shirt and blazer, this is the perfect combination to make it look formal and elegant.

Tips To Appear With Sequins That Are Back In Trend

Sequins began to be widely used in 2010, now loved again by fashion lovers. Sequins that used to be worn only at night can now be worn during the day. Check out some tips for wearing sequin’s detailed clothes so that you look more stylish without being overly impressed.

1. Choose One

To avoid overdoing it, make sure you wear only one type of clothing made from sequins. Like wearing sequin pants combined with a Prom suit. Don’t wear more than two sequins, because it will make you look like a disco ball.

2. Usage Time

Know the difference between wearing sequins day and night. Wearing sequins at the wrong time can look like the wrong costume. It’s good, during the day, use a sequins blouse that is paired with a pastel-colored cardigan and matching colored pencil pants. And in the afternoon or evening, sequin pants are the right choice.

3. Color and Pattern

Be careful with colors and patterns. Sequins with bright colors and bustling patterns will make your style overdone and lose its elegance. Choose a neutral color such as black or gold to avoid overdoing it. It also depends on the design, is an online shop with a variety of interesting designs.

4. Quality

Remember that everyone will remember the sequins detail you wore. And sometimes items with detailed sequins are pegged at high prices. Try to give sequins detailed items with quality and neat sequins. These little things can make your appearance more elegant. You will not regret the quality sold on

5. Accessories

Still not confident in wearing sequins detailed clothes? For starters, try using sequins-detailed accessories such as sequins-detailed flats in neutral colors like black or brown, clutch bags, or scarves.

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