Top Tips for Designing Curated Gift Boxes

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A gift box is an equivalent of a folding carton mainly used for wrapping Christmas or birthday gifts. Gift boxing has been a crucial part of human relationships and is also used in corporates to develop connections with your clients and company.

Gift boxes are excellent gifts used to create anticipation about what is inside and fine-tune them for particular events and themes. Corporate gift boxes are ideal for different applications, as they give users a good experience and the freedom to choose and personalize items. If you’re still looking for corporate gifts, check out FunBiz!

This is important because giving someone a present that includes their interests is the best way to show your dedication to giving them the best experience. Gift boxes are excellent ways to pack a gift for all occasions, and they come in different sizes and shapes.

Below we discuss the top tips for designing perfect gift boxes.

Use Simple Boxes

It is advisable not to keep things complicated when designing a curated gift box. Most recipients already have enough clutter on their premises, and you should not add the burden. This means the box should be kept as simple as possible.

All breakable items should be appropriately wrapped, and fragile items should be tied using small cards.

Have a Budget 

Undoubtedly, budget is an important consideration when creating gift boxes. This is important if you are unsure how much you are willing to spend on them. This budget number should be used as a reference in the entire design process.

You are advised to ensure your budget sorts everything in the box, including transport costs, storage, shipping, among others. However, you can switch to an improved option if your budget is unlimited.

Include Notes 

Handwritten notes are crucial when expressing emotions and thoughts. Your recipient highly appreciates this, and they treasure it for long. You can thank them in various ways, like including a tiny box of flowers or chocolate.

Whatever you decide, ensure you include a small message that explains why you chose that specific item.

Use Seasonal Colors 

Seasonal colours are essential, primarily if your recipient loves specific colours. For instance, green and red are commonly used during Christmas. Also, you might want to use a red gift box if your giftee loves it.

Various colours are available, but green and red are the most common.

Consider the Theme 

Most people assume they know their giftee ultimately, but sometimes it is challenging to predict. You are advised to consider your giftee’s preferences before deciding what you will put in the box.

The chosen item should match their personality, i.e., a spa treatment if they are adventurous.

Use Stickers

Stickers are an excellent way to personalize gifts without spending much on custom wrappers. Most boxes have enough space for stickers, but you should add more tape to safeguard them.

Final Thoughts 

Curated gift boxes are a common way to gift your loved ones. These boxes are readily available, and the above article has discussed how to create the best one.