Top reasons to use Soapstone Cookware

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In several ways, the methods of cooking frequently used in India up to a century back are experiencing revival. The health benefits of traditional cooking methods have become clearer and are making their way back to Indian kitchens.

In particular, the revival of soapstone cookware has been remarkable. Handcrafted soapstone cookware brings several benefits to our health and well-being.

History of the infamous Kalchatti

During lunch in the southern states such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the essence of gravy wafts through the air. The flavours are sweet, tangy, and inviting. In the serving area, we frequently come across a vessel that has two sharp ear-like structures opposite each other, horizontally. These two structures act as a rim, the cook can take this structure off the stove once the meal is prepared.

This soapstone cookware vessel is recognized traditionally as Kalchatti in Tamil. The construction material for Kalchatti is magnesium-rich ore extracted from earth.

The seniors across Tamil Nadu are better acquainted with Kalchattis and have seen their parents and loved ones use this vessel for cooking. When one uses a Kalchatti for cooking, it allows one to infuse a  stronger sense of flavour in their meals. When a Kalchatti is towards the large side, it can be used to cook avial and sambhar with their natural goodness.

Varied soapstone utensils you can use

Medium-sized Kalchattis are also useful for cooking a range of excellent ethnic dishes, including vathakuzhambu. Vathakuzhambu is tamarind based gravy, which has dehydrated, sun-dried berries.

A smaller Kalchatti is also going to be useful for kitchens and opens up a range of possibilities for making meals more delicious and wholesome. One can use them for making several chutneys and pickles, made from mango and ginger.

The utility of soapstone essentially goes beyond Kalchatti. In case you want your dosas to be softer and spongier, then, you can cook them using the DosaKal. Using a DosaKal will also ensure that the dosa batter is fermented well.

If you adore Paniyaram, soapstone PaniyarKal is the ideal soapstone cookware that you should acquire for cooking at home. Soapstone PaniyarKal will make crisp and fluffy Paniyarams, soft at the center.

Advantages of using soapstone cookware

When one gets used to using soapstone cookware in the kitchen, it reduces cooking time because of higher heat retention due to the use of soapstone / stoneware vessels. These dishes correspondingly stay warm for longer. With the aesthetics of handcrafted soapstone cookware, the vessel can be used for serving and cooking food alike.

Similarly, magnesium and calcium transmit to the meals from soapstone when the vessels are used for cooking. This enhances one’s health over long terms. While the meal’s taste enhances, one is empowered to overcome a range of health issues including stomach burns and acid reflux.

In case one’s stomach is sensitive, using Eco Hindu soapstone cookware may be the best alternative for them. Meals prepared in soapstone vessels are more nutritious and tastier. The food cooked takes 15% less time to cook, so using soapstone cookware is a fuel-saving arrangement.