Top 5 things that need to be present in a wardrobe and need to be maintained in a house 

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A common dialogue often used by the girls is ‘I have nothing to wear!’ 

People feel this way and say the above-mentioned phrase that does not mean, they really do not have anything to wear but they do not have the proper thing needed to be in their wardrobe. While setting up your personal wardrobe there are a few things to be kept for sure. If those things can be placed in the wardrobe no one will feel out of clothes ever. 

  1. Pair of Denim Jeans: Jeans be it black or blue. Jeans can boost the shape of your legs. Proper Jeans that suit you and go well with your figure should be there in your wardrobe. In the 21st century, Jeans are the most comfortable and cozy outfit. Jeans can be paired well with both a formal shirt and a chic crop top. Jeans have the ability to create a bohemian yet sophisticated look. 
  2. A White Shirt: Be it an official meeting or a girl’s day out!! A white shirt can create both a chic and sophisticated look if can be worn properly. A white shirt can easily be paired with black trousers or blue Jeans.
  3. Black leather Jacket: A good quality black leather Jacket is always in fashion. The shining black colour always brings out the aesthetic vibe from within a person. A leather jacket from being a necessity in the battleground to being a vogue leather jacket saw many phrases. If you have Black leather in your wardrobe, will never let you dress boring. 
  4. Mini Dresses: Your wardrobe should have a collection of mini dresses as these dresses are ruling the fashion world for ages. Floral printed flowy mini dresses are perfect for morning and glossy and bold colour mini dresses are good to go with evening occasions and events. Mini dresses always bring out your best version, if you can carry them well.
  5. Long over-coat: A long over-coat is something that is very much in vogue. It is very useful to people especially those who live in a colder climate. This can be used as casual and formal wear with correct styling. 

Above mentioned dresses are very much essential to be in one’s wardrobe. If you have all these dresses you will be never out of style and be fashionable. Fashion design course in Kolkata, train their students in every possible way so that they can create a fashionable look with very normal clothing and very few accessories also. 

Just like a few things have the ability to give you a stylish and fashionable look, there are certain things if those things are maintained and cleaned properly in your house it will create a comfortable and cozy environment interior designer course in Kolkata, also provides practical working experiences beside giving theoretical bits of knowledge which helps the students who are aspiring interior designers for future projects in the actual working field. 

To make a particular house cozy there are certain things to be there and to be maintained they are as follows:

  1. Calm and soothing colour: Eye soothing colours should be chosen for rooms. Light colours on the walls act as a background to things present in the room, it gives exposure more to other elements present in the room. On the other hand, the bright colours give a positive vibe while dull colours can spread sadness. So, when choosing colour a person should be very conscious.
  2. Sunlight needs to enter the room: A room should have proper ventilation from where Sunlight can enter. Sunlight is mandatory for a room as its rays have the power to provide positivity to any place. Without a suitable entrance of sunlight, the environment turns dull and gloomy. Mirrors can be used of different sizes which will not only add an aesthetic nature to a room but also can reflect sunlight in its own ways.
  3. Selection of apt tiles: Tiles for bathroom and kitchen can never same. Tiles create the ambiance of a room when a suitable design of tiles is chosen and coordinated well with colour. 
  4. Add some greenery: Greenery is all-time eye-appealing and good to be kept inside a room. Some indoor plants can increase the liveliness of a room. A small plant on your bedside table gives freshness each morning with sunrise and keeps the room devoid of many unwanted gases. 
  5. Keep the house clean and cozy: Besides everything, the house needs to be kept clean and proper spacing should be given to make a room look comfortable and cozy.