The test guide for acrylic dip glitter powder is shared.

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Half a few nights ago, brushing microblogging, I accidentally found Jiang Shu Ying topped the hot search, or in an unexpected way – nail art! The nail art is a set of childish and fresh cherry nail art.
As for whether it is good or not, there is a lot of noise on Weibo. A part of the netizens feels that this group of nails is sweet and cute, full of summer sense, save a picture from going back immediately and getting up. But some other people feel that they can’t appreciate it. No, the big picture is here. You can say whether it looks good or not!
If the most suitable season to do things at the fingertips, it is summer! This is the time to put on colorfulacrylic dip glitter powder, do playful and unique nail art, and go out for a wave! Therefore, the half and a half to follow the fashion trend on the ins to find some “cherry” wind nail templates, children can save a save, weekend get Jiang Shu Ying the same ah ~. The common elements of cherry nail art are cherries, various cute patterns, and different shades of red. Compared to other styles, it is more sweet, playful, and childish and is the best choice to show white, reduce age and increase the sense of girlhood. And the cherry style finger pattern can be completed with stickers or hand-painted, can be complex or small fresh; more importantly, it is very suitable for girls who do not like to stay long nails, round, short sweeter. 1 Masura, from Russia, is tested by KhimPromTest laboratory, which is a famous laboratory in Russia and does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, camphor, and other harmful substances, so it can be used without worries. It is the most popular magnetic acrylic dip glitter powder, this time, just buy back to try the color. In fact, there is no difference in the way to do cat eye nails and ordinary single-color acrylic dip glitter powder coating. Only acrylic dip glitter powder itself is more special. The acrylic dip glitter powder for cat eyes contains magnet powder, so when you use it, you need to match the magnetic plate, some brands will come with it, but some need to buy it separately, so when you get it, remember to ask clearly yo ~ no, look closely at the close-up picture! 02 Masura Pure Color Nail Polish Color number: 1021 Price: 64rmb/11ml
It’s a solid color, but the nail polish has discreet goldglitter. You have to get close to see it. It’s a very special ginger color with a glossy finish and dries quickly. This color is not too white, but it looks better when applied thinly than thickly and is friendly to yellow skin; if you match it with the right style of clothes, it will make the whole person look fashionable. Zoya 2 Zoya is an American organic nail polish brand with several series such as pearl, matte and frosted. It is a nail polish brand that half of the people like. The amount of a bottle is large enough, which translates into a high-cost performance. The most praiseworthy point is that it is not easy to fall off when applied to the hand, will not dry out after opening for more than a year, and can be used for a long time. The only drawback is that the brush head is small, and it is not easy for newcomers to apply evenly.