The Slow And Steady Takeover Of Artificial Diamonds

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Diamonds have always been a very attractive material for young and old alike. It’s a rarity, it’s almost unattainable status to commoners have always made people googly-eyed while looking at them. The people who live in the upper echelon of society are distinguished by their usage of diamonds. They use diamonds more often than not. They gift each other diamonds. They wear diamond jewellery. They use designs in their clothes with diamonds being used there. Lab created diamonds Melbourne on a beach day is a popular choice as well. Diamond is a widely used material. 

But using these diamonds come with a fair number of caveats. Some of the biggest issues being, human rights violation, bloodshed, illegal labour and several environmental issues. People have gone as far as to initiate civil wars for diamonds. As the price of diamonds is astronomically high, people don’t want to let go of any opportunity to earn fast bucks from selling diamonds. Also, diamond miners in Africa don’t get their due wages. The authority there exploits their poverty and pays them as little as a dollar a day. And the conditions these miners work in are not suitable in any way. They often are not handed proper tools and materials to navigate through the places where they find the diamond. And irresponsible mining of diamonds, which is often seen, can make way for soil erosion, deforestation and issues as such. In the worst-case scenario, it has forced a whole ecosystem to collapse.

So, we definitely need an alternative which is not as dangerous to our collective well-being. Then a group of scientists came up with this brilliant idea of growing diamonds in a laboratory. They toiled day after day to finally get the finished product. And this is very similar to the original thing. Lab-grown diamonds Sydney are optically identical to the original diamonds as they both have the same chemical and optical properties. Not even an expert can tell the two apart with a naked eye.

By developing these diamonds, what the scientists effectively could attain is, they could give us a cheaper, more ethical and more environmentally sound alternative. Although one can not call these special diamonds cheap, these indeed are cheaper than natural diamonds. Almost to the extent of 20-30%. It is more ethical than the real thing as well because it doesn’t have to exploit poor people, it doesn’t have to concern itself with child labour, it doesn’t have to violate a ton of other human rights issues either. People can literally in a safe environment, in a proper laboratory can manufacture diamonds these days without harming anybody anyhow. Also, as it is completely made in a laboratory, we don’t have to be concerned about environmental issues either. 

As it will be cheaper in the coming days, also keeping all the other advantages in mind, it is only upwards for these handmade diamonds now. Lab created diamonds Melbourne shimmering in sunlight is a sight to behold no doubt.