The Quick Guide to Wearing Black

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Can you imagine your wardrobe without any black clothes in it? I bet you can’t. Because black is chic and elegant. It is also mysterious and sexy. It is eternal and immune to seasonal trends. There is nothing more flattering and versatile and nothing you could get more mileage out of than your black clothes. 

Black allows you to create any outfit without looking like there’s too much going on and to elevate your style game with minimal effort. It is a great base color for all the wardrobe staples and a solid building block for an indefinite number of foolproof looks.

If you are not taking advantage of all the styling opportunities black has to offer, then here are a few pointers that will hopefully inspire you and help you make this versatile color work for you at any type of event. 


Black is undoubtedly linked to elegance and is thus a perfect color for formal events, parties, ceremonies, and the like. 

A maxi dress in black works perfectly with a fancier dress code when you want something elegant and chic. You’ve probably heard the saying “women who wear black lead colorful lives” so put on your black dress, a pair of strappy stilettos, some tasteful gold accessories, and you are ready to dazzle and emit an aura of charisma. 

Alternatively, you can wear a sleek black tuxedo to any special occasion. This is an attractive and fashion forward choice that puts a female touch on an outfit that was traditionally so masculine. Keep your accessories to the minimum – a pair of simple diamond stud earrings and/ or a pair of cufflinks to the white shirt will be enough to complement your outfit. 

And then there is, of course, the little black dress or LBD. The traditional LBD is a cocktail dress meant for after-five wear or semi-formal events. You can pair it with matching heels and an evening bag and look stylish in one go. 

Office Outfits

When it comes to office style, the first two staples that come to mind are always a pair of black trousers and a black skirt. Both can make you look amazing without much effort and create chic and interesting work outfits combined with button downs and blouses in various colors and patterns. 

No matter your personal style, a black blazer is another essential that can easily be worn with a pair of tailored pants and a shirt for a chic office look. Owning this staple takes away half the stress of “what do I wear” every morning. Versatile and slick, it always gives you a smart appearance and offers sharpness that is unmatched by any other piece of clothing. 

Another perfect addition to the work wardrobe is the black button up. Combine this shirt with a skirt, pants, or suit that gives it prominence. Grey, for instance, is a perfect color to create elegant and eye-catching outfits, but also beige, navy, and other neutral colors. 

Dressing head-to-toe in black is also a tried-and-tested look. The key to nailing this look is ensuring that all items flow into one another, unpunctuated by detail or embellishment. To pull this look off, the tailoring should be slim, and the use of accessories should adhere to the overall minimalist feel of the outfit. 

Weekend Worthy

Having a few go-to black garments in your wardrobe can make deciding what to wear at the weekend just a little bit easier. 

Black jeans are one of those must-have items that are evergreen and always trendy. They are suitable for everyone, adapt to any occasion and lend themselves to creating a multitude of outfits. One of the items that best suits black jeans is the white shirt, but other soft and elegant colors work just as well. 

Black jeans with a white T-shirt is the classic casual look. For a casual all black outfit, pairing the jeans with a black T-shirt is the way to go. 

A black biker jacket brings a touch of edgy street fashion to your life. Despite its bold looks, this jacket can be worn with almost any outfit. Wear it casually with your black jeans and white T-shirt or make it pop with a checkered shirt.