The Major Pros and Cons of Solar Panel Installation

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Solar panels are the most fashionable home improvement nowadays, with enough generating capacity installed during 2021 to power over 23.3 million homes.

Whether you choose to go off the grid or stay connected, solar power is the must-have of the season for homeowners who know what’s best for them and the environment.

Are you still on the fence about solar panel installation for your home? Keep reading to find out why you should, or shouldn’t install solar power right away.

Solar Panel Installation Cons

The biggest drawback associated with installing solar panels remains the cost. The average installation in the USA costs around $20,000 upfront.

You can get a solar loan to help you pay these costs. Yet, that only makes the cost higher due to the interest payments on your loan.

Do the math and compare your current electricity costs against your monthly loan repayments before you commit to solar.

If your electricity bill is currently less than you’ll pay monthly for a solar loan, you might not benefit right away.

There are alternatives, such as solar leases and solar PPAs which can help save money on your electricity bill without the high initial costs. Some power companies even offer no-cost installations when you power your home using their resources.

Speak to a local solar panel installation company about the available solutions for saving with solar in your neighborhood.

Solar Panel Pros

If you’re consistently paying high electricity bills, and you can afford to pay for your solar installation, you will benefit from enormous savings down the line. So, go ahead and Google, ‘solar panel installation near me’, and get the show on the road.

When you pay for your panels upfront, you can benefit from lucrative federal, local, and state solar incentives. These tax savings help offset your initial installation costs by as much as 26%.

An experienced panel installation service can also guide you toward finding some great deals on solar equipment in your area.

Once you’re up and running, you can look forward to greatly reduced, or no power bills going forward. You’ll never experience a power outage again, and you’ll know you’re doing your bit to save energy and reduce global warming.

Installing solar panels can increase the value of your home and attract more prospective buyers, faster.

What’s more, once you’ve paid for your solar installation, you’ll have an asset to your name. When you pay electricity bills for twenty years, you’ve got nothing to show for your money.

Solar power is here to stay, so it makes sense to get on board now, so you can enjoy these benefits, sooner.

Be Cool, Choose Solar

Regardless of the benefits and disadvantages of solar panel installation, it’s the right thing to do for the environment. Solar energy helps reduce carbon emissions and clean energy produces no pollution.

It’s one small thing you can do to ensure our ongoing survival and a better future for everyone.

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