The Do’s and Don’ts of Having Eyelash Extensions

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When you wear eyelash extensions, it is extremely helpful to be aware of what you should avoid doing so that your natural eyelashes may maintain their health and beauty for as long as possible. So, if you are considering getting your lashes done, make sure that you adhere to at least part of these guidelines.

The Do’s

#1 Do Make Sure to Clean Your Lashes Regularly

Blinking helps eliminate secretions from the eye, but throughout the day, it’s easy not to realise that our eyes are doing it. Because you aren’t blinking your eyes while you sleep, a buildup of mucus can occur, leading to rheum or eye muck.

If you don’t thoroughly clean your eyelashes when you get up, the crud might crust over and obstruct your lash follicles and their oil passageways. This can be avoided by cleaning your eyelashes. It inhibits the growth of natural lashes, which can ultimately lead to the development of lash mites.

Because of this, you should always wash your eyelashes with a mild cleanser after engaging in strenuous physical activity, such as swimming, bathing, or cleaning, daily.

#2 Do Comb Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes

After a particularly long or windy day, it is not unusual for lash extensions to become tangled or otherwise unruly. Because of this, you should never leave the house without a spoolie or a mascara wand. When you do this, you keep your natural lashes from developing in the opposite direction, which also protects your lashes from being stressed out.

#3 Do Keep Your Eyelashes Safe From the Heat

Heat is yet another factor contributing to the deterioration of the retention of your lash extensions. Excessive time spent in the sun can cause your eyelashes to dry, leading to them breaking or falling off.

If you must go out while the temperature is really high, you should stay indoors or use shades to protect your lash extensions from overheating.

The Don’ts

#1 Don’t Rub Your Eyes

If you rub your eyes roughly with your hands, you run the risk of accidentally pulling out your eyelash extensions while applying them. This is not ideal for eyelash extensions. When you have lash extensions in place, you should avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands or towels.

#2 Don’t Purchase Low-Quality Lash Extensions

Services for eyelash extensions that are offered at a low cost should make you suspicious. This is because the glue and lashes utilised by these low-cost services are typically of a poor grade.

Quality comes at a cost, just like every other type of service. Because of the exceptional sensitivity of the eye region, you should under no circumstances skimp on product quality. Instead, you want to ensure that you pay the appropriate amount (neither too much nor too little) for quality extensions that will prevent your natural lashes from being damaged.

#3 Don’t Get a Treatment for Your Hair Extensions

The purpose of lash extensions is to make your natural lashes look fuller, lifted, or just as excellent as the type you pick. In addition, they do not respond well to chemical procedures such as having their lashes lifted or permed.

Because of this, you should avoid getting these treatments while you have extensions in your hair. Before receiving eyelash extensions, you should, at the very least, undergo a lash lift or perm.