Thank Goodness for Geeks – Where Would the World Be Without Them?

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Do you consider yourself a geek? And if so, what type? A modern definition of ‘geek’ opens the door to lots of possibilities. That wasn’t the case when the term was first coined. But nonetheless, thank goodness for geeks. Where would we be without them?

‘Geek’ was first coined to describe people who were either eccentric or not mainstream for one reason or another. Back in the 70s and 80s, geeks were synonymous with nerds. Today, the term is much broader. A modern geek is anyone who is obsessively enthusiastic about a particular hobby, scientific pursuit, cultural phenomenon, etc.

Hail the Computer Geek

If you cannot live without your smartphone and laptop, you have computer geeks to thank for it. Long before it was fashionable to call yourself a geek, they were young people obsessed with computer technology. So much so that they set up businesses in their garages in hopes of coming up with a computer for the average American home.

A generation later, we take all of our computerized electronic gadgets for granted. Even the internet, a tool many of us could not survive without, traces its roots back to the computer geeks of old. We owe them a lot. If it were not for their work and innovation, what would modern life be like?

Welcome the Anime Geek

Computer geeks still exist. But in terms of sheer numbers, it appears they have been overrun by anime geeks. This new breed of geek is obsessed with everything anime and manga. They watch all of the latest streaming series. They buy the graphic novels and comic books. They even wear anime T-shirts and hoodies from brands like Umai.

As a culture, we can welcome anime geeks into the fold. They are leading a revolution in modern entertainment unlike anything we’ve seen since the introduction of rock ‘n roll. What they want from content providers will shape what entertainment looks like for decades to come. Whether that is good or bad depends on your perspective.

Science Geeks Are Still Among Us

Long before ‘geek’ was a term, there were science geeks obsessed with understanding every minute detail of the universe. They were the people who gave us penicillin and space travel. They are the same people who continue to investigate and research today.

In recent years, an emphasis on STEM education has once again made it cool to be a geek. Pop culture influences like The Big Bang Theory TV sitcom have helped as well. Young people are openly pursuing the sciences as a way to make the world a better place.

Don’t Forget the Crypto Geeks

This post could go on ad infinitum. Yet it has to close somewhere, so talking about crypto geeks is as good a place as any. What are crypto geeks? They are people obsessively enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.

Cryptocurrency is a complex topic that requires a basic understanding of computer technology, cryptography, financial transactions, and investing. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. Moreover, cryptocurrency has a way of sucking people in the minute they stick one toe in the water.

A broad understanding of geekdom makes it clear that the world would be in a sorry state if it were not for geeks. And truth be told, we are all geeky about something. It is a matter of discovering what turns each of us on. If you pursue something with a level of enthusiasm you don’t see in others, you’re probably a geek in that one area. Embrace it. Being a geek is a good thing.