Stackable Rings and Other Types of Rings To Give Your Friends

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Rings have been the staple of many fashionable styles for many centuries now. The iconic piece of jewelry has taken on many shapes or from outside of its traditional circular mold. It can take a simple outfit and turn it into an unforgettable accoutre. You can choose to wear a simple ring on any of your favorite fingers or stack a bunch of them to match your personality. You can use or gift stackable rings to your friends so they can flaunt them at their next gathering or night out downtown. In the sea of Kendra Scott’s fine jewelry collection, there is a special one or set made just for you or your friends.

Stacked Rings

Stacked rings have been making their way into the mainstream fashion world throughout the years and have become the go-to for many fashionistas looking to make a statement with their accessories. These can have any designs with gemstones, finishes, and widths. They can be as dainty or as bold as you want them so you can easily match them with your outfit. The idea is to match your rings with your style and outfits and have fun while doing so.

How to Stack Rings

To stack your rings, you simply need to find the right ring size for you. After that, anything goes. The sky is the limit. You can mix and match them however you want as long as you feel comfortable with them. Some people prefer to choose a theme for their stacked rings such as a birthstone color or a natural element like beaches and surf life. If you identify with your birthstone or any given theme, mix them to create an expression that matches your lifestyle. You don’t have to be afraid to mix different types of metals, widths, or gemstones.

You can mix delicate rings with bulky ones to give your fingers the perfect balance, as well as incorporate every finger on your hand or only a few. There are very few rules to follow when stacking your rings. If you want to give your rings more meaning, stack one ring on your fingers every time you reach a milestone in your life like graduating college, visiting your favorite country, or getting married—yes, you can even incorporate your wedding or engagement ring into the mix.

A Ring for Each Friend

As mentioned, you can use any type of ring that feels right on your fingers. The same goes for your different friends. They each have their own style and will most likely incline towards a specific type of ring style, whether that’s double-banded, dainty, with gemstones, gold ring, or sterling silver. Whatever their style, if you want to give them a ring set, be sure to clear up which ones they’ll enjoy the most and go for it.

That being said, don’t be afraid to give them something outside their comfort zone. Sometimes, they may be looking for a new style to try on and may have a hard time figuring out where to start. This can be the perfect opportunity to show your friend a whole new world of stackable fine jewelry rings from Kendra Scott.

Kendra Scott Fine Jewelry Rings

Kendra Scott’s collection of stackable rings come in all colors and sizes that can be a perfect fit for you or any of your friends. They come in different types of metals and if they contain stones or crystals, they can often be changed to your favorite choice. This will help spice things up in your jewelry sets so you can mix and match your stacked rings on any given occasion.