Sizzling Lingerie Types you need for your special night

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How to Choose Lingerie to Seduce Your Man? - Clovia Blog

Nothing can beat the happiness of being a newlywed, especially if the two of you couldn’t get enough of each other during your courtship days! Now that you’re married and embarking upon your honeymoon, why not make things even spicier? A lingerie is a sure shot way to make your honeymoon memorable, especially if the two of you already can’t keep your hands off each other.

Men are visual beings and to make yourself even more tempting to your man, wearing sexy lingerie is a must. So be it a five-day honeymoon or a month-long sex cation, make it as spicy as a chilly one by slipping into sexy lingerie that will make you irresistible to your man. If you think your lacy undies will just do fine, you’re simply underestimating the power of good sexy lingerie, especially if you plan on enticing your hubby. So ditch your tighty whities for these amazing lingerie that will make your man drool over you.

  1. Balconette bra: If you’ve got killer curves, make the most of it by wearing a balconette bra, especially a lacy one, with matching underwear. Reveal the top half of your curves and spice up the look with sizzling accessories like a long neck chain or a belly chain.
  2. Plunging bra: The best way to flaunt your curves is wearing a plunging bra which will give a good peek at your breasts. If you’re wearing a nighty with a low neckline, this bra is perfect for you to show off your curves.
  3. Shelf bra: This is the spiciest of the bra. While it’s a near balconette bra, it has bifurcations just above your under boobs, which gives a sexy peek at your killer curves. 
  4. Thongs: This is the mother of all underwear. A thong will give your petite butt cheeks a nice perky look while also spicing up things in the bedroom. If you want to flaunt your buns, how about investing in a bunch of sexy G-strings?
  5. Crotchless panty: If you and your man are planning to pull a Fifty Shades of Grey, these panties are just the right amount of sexy you need. You can pair it with garters and stockings to give it a spicy edge. Also, these panties allow your lady down there to breathe.
  6. Edible panties: If you both are in the mood for some experiments in the bedroom, these panties will be a total game-changer. If your man loves going down on you, give him the most of it by wearing edible panties made of gum, candy, and even liquorice. 
  7. Babydolls: These babydolls are a perfect option if you want to tease your man. While they are essentially nightwear, they can also moonlight as lingerie, which means you can get the best of both worlds. You can either invest in a satin babydoll or go bold with a sheer lacy one. 

Blow your man’s mind off by slipping into any of this sexy lingerie. Then, take charge in the bedroom with these game-changing lingerie.