Six Ways to Style Mom Jeans and Make Them Work for You

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When it comes to fashion, it is very important to match your outfit. You cannot just wear any type of top with any type of shoes and jeans.

There are some tops which go perfectly with certain types of jeans. However, it is always better to purchase the jeans first and then style them with different outfit ideas.

Nowadays, mom jeans are in great demand. All the models and celebrities are wearing these jeans. This type of jeans is mostly loose near the zippers and leg area.

It is available in a signature blue colour. There are pain jeans without any creases or rips. The main characteristics of these jeans are high-waist and long zipper.

You have it above your belly button. It makes you look taller. You can wear it till your ankle as well as above your ankle. The best thing about these jeans is that you can easily style them.

How to Wear Your Mom Jeans?

If you have this type of jeans, you can easily match them with different types of tops and shoes to make your outfit stand out. It will give you a classy and casual look. Here are eight ways to style your mom jeans and look good in them.

  • Wear Sleeveless Tops:

There is no better outfit than wearing mom jeans with a sleeveless top. You can either wear a crop top or tuck the top inside the jeans. It will make you look slimmer and taller. You can wear sandals or heels to complete your outfit. It mostly goes well with black or white sleeveless tops.

  • Tuck It In Boots:

Another way to make your jeans look good is by tucking them in your boots. If you have ankle-length black boots, you can tuck your jeans inside them. You can wear a plain top on it or compliment it with a blazer. It will give a perfect royal as well as classy look.

  • Wear Polo Shirts:

You can also wear these jeans with polo shirts. It is perfect for winters. You can either wear it with a loose shirt or a fitting shirt. Apart from that, you can wear vans or converse beneath them. It will look like a perfect casual outfit.

  • Wear Leather Jacket:

If you want an eye-catchy outfit, wear your jeans with a black leather jacket. You can wear a grey shirt inside. To complete your look, you can wear boots. However, don’t tuck the jeans inside the boot. You can keep your hair loose and open in a natural way and pair it with dark shades.

  • Wear Camisole and Bandana:

This outfit idea is literal summer goals. You can wear your jeans with a tight camisole. Apart from that, you can wear a bandana on your head and keep your hair open. As for shoes, you can wear sneakers or Nike.

  • Wear Blazer:

If you are looking for a sophisticated look, you can wear a blazer with your jeans. Wear a loose shirt inside and keep the buttons open on the top. You can either wear the blazer on just put it on your shoulder. Wear contrast colour heels to compliment the outfit.