Romantic DIY Birthday Decoration Ideas 

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It’s your partner’s birthday. You have decided and planned everything: the surprise, the gift, the bakery to avail online cake delivery in Ranchi. But, there is one thing that you are unable to figure out, and it is the birthday decor. You have planned a romantic birthday surprise and want the decoration to create a conducive atmosphere and complement your surprise. Isn’t it? Don’t worry much because we are here to help you.

Given below is a list of simple yet lovable romantic birthday DIY decoration ideas:

  1. Heart-Shaped Balloon Decoration: A super easy yet romantic decoration for the birthday! You would need a handful of material, and you are good to go.
  • Choose a wall of the room that you want to decorate.
  • Now grab heart-shaped foil balloons, Happy Birthday Bunting, and Fairy lights.
  • Paste the heart-shaped balloons on the wall (Go with a red and black theme). Attach charms to the balloons’ strings like bow, moustache, tiara, girl, lips, tie (as per the recipient’s gender).
  • Now below the balloons, add bunting and string of fairy light.
  1. Picture Perfect Decoration: This romantic birthday decoration idea will bring happy tears in the eyes of your partner. It is splendid, sentimental and makes for a keepsake gift as well.
  • Order a bunch of heart-shaped balloons with strings.
  • Cover the entire ceiling with the balloons. Leave no gaps.
  • Now, from the string attach photographs. You can use a polaroid camera for this. If you don’t have one, use printed photographs.
  • On each photograph, write down a message.
  • Later, you can make a photo album and give to the recipient as a beautiful token.
  1. Flowers and Candle Decoration: If it’s your husband’s or wife’s first birthday after marriage; you can execute this decoration idea. In case the birthday falls on 14th February, then also you can express love through this idea.
  • Buy fresh rose petals in red and white. Create a heart with red petals and the first letter of his/her name with white petals.
  • Outline the flower heart with tealight candles.
  • Place floating balloons around the heart.
  • Create this a few steps away from the entrance of the room.
  • In the corner, have a decorated table with a birthday cake and birthday gift.
  1. Simple Flower Decoration: A simple flower decoration for a birthday that will impress your partner. This is the idea to express feelings if you are unable to do it in words. It won’t cost you much time and money.
  • You just need rose petals in bulk
  • Dress the bed in white linens.
  • Write I LOVE YOU with rose petals (You can substitute love with a heart).
  • Decorate only half-an-hour or hour before so that the petals do not dry and remain fragrant.
  1. Sparkling Decoration: A decoration idea for a romantic and intimate birthday celebration. It looks pretty and gorgeous; trust us on this. If you think it would be tough, read to know yourself.
  • Gather some old glass mason jars and vases. If you do not have old ones, buy some new.
  • Fill the jars and vases with glitters. You can use glitter confetti as well. Use different colours
  • Place tealight candles in the jars and vases.
  • Locate them wherever you seem appropriate. Use your creative imagination for the perfect ambience effect.
  1. Heart String Decoration: On your partner’s birthday, pour your heart out with this heartstring decoration. Lovely, expressive, and beautiful to look at. Later, the decoration can be kept for cherishing memories.
  • On the door of the room, paste hearts in red and pink. Write down your feelings on each heart.
  • Create heartstrings (Cut hearts of different colours. Take a string and paste them at equal intervals). Create as many as you want.
  • Hang the heartstrings above the bed.
  • On the bed, place a birthday cake, a champagne bucket, and a birthday gift.
  1. Photo Decoration: Another personalised decoration idea for a romantic birthday celebration. Anyone can pull off this idea with utmost ease and convenience.
  • Gather pictures and take out its print on a glossy sheet.
  • Paste pictures on the wall in a heart-shaped pattern
  • Decorate the bed with rose petals, candles, cake and gifts.

Which idea are you planning to execute?