Recommendations to buy clothes and apparel online without mistake

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Do you buy online? There are still many people who are afraid to buy clothes and accessories over the internet. But today many have become comfortable with online purchases, because they have become a habit. So, we will try to help you have a good experience, greatly reducing the margin of error. In order for you to have a happy shopping, you need to pay attention and understand these details.

Buying online is “safe”?

There are some precautions to follow, so that the purchase is safe. Always check that the website has the https protocol in the address bar. When carrying out the transaction, a padlock will always appear in the bottom bar. If not, do not proceed. Be careful, as a website will NEVER ask for your card PASSWORD. Never enter card passwords in an online environment. Never carry out any type of bank transaction on a public computer, thus preventing your data from being stored and used by third parties. Make your online experience better with Lost County.

Measurements of parts and sizes 

This is the most important purchase process. Buy only from websites that place the complete measures and the most important ones for each product. You should write them down and get a piece of your wardrobe similar to the model you want to buy. There is e-commerce that puts all these measures and others that do not.  After noting the measurements of the piece on the site and your piece, it is time to make a comparison between them. If the clothes you want to buy have measurements similar or equal to the model of your closet, buy it. 

Fabrics – Types and composition

The basics you should know is that there are natural and synthetic fibers, and between the types of fabrics, the knit and the flat fabric. Natural fibers are fresher, stronger and more comfortable, besides letting the skin breathe. The synthetic ones do not absorb perspiration and may leave an unpleasant smell in the piece. Clothes made with fabrics made of natural fibers, knead more and cost more, while those made of synthetic fabric knead little and tend to have more affordable prices.


Read the stock exchange policy before you buy anything. Each brand works in a different way and has a particularity. Read the e-commerce exchange policy carefully and see if you are willing to waste your time waiting for weeks, before having the correct product in hand. Prefer those that pick up the goods at your home. Check if you can exchange the product online. If you cannot exchange the product, give preference to the e-commerce that will pick up the exchange box at your home.

Prefer to buy from stores you already know

New stores will appear that you will want to consume, but research everything about it before closing the order. And if you don’t want to risk it, always give preference to buying from e-commerce which you are already used to and are familiar with the processes and especially the sizes of the pieces and modeling.