Rarest pandora charms ever made

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Pandora charms are well-known for bringing new ideas to the personalized jewelry market. These come in small beads and gems to intricate patterns of beloved characters and things. There are many charms available in the market, but very few are exceptionally unique and are rarely found. Charms are all special in their appearance and communicate distinctive stories regarding linked events or locations. It shows significance and meaning behind the design, pattern or shape. If you are looking to buy these charms, which are very expensive because of their rarely available feature, buying them from the pandora charms sale section is a perfect option. 

But before buying, let us see some of the rarest charms available.

Two done dragon – This is unique in its appearance and rarely found – to be specific, and it was first found only in Asia. The unique feature of this charm is that it comes in two-tone, which is a gold s-shaped Chinese dragon. And the lower part of the charm is covered with silver color. This dual colour tone combination suits every woman from dusky tone to fair tone. 

Canadian Maple leaf – This is another beautiful charm with its own significance and is rarely found. This charm was specially made to celebrate the Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. This charm has a Canadian flag maple leaf with a white sliver tone in the background, which comes in bead form so that it easily fits in the bracelet. 

Christ heart – It is a two-tone shaded pandora charm exclusively available in Germany for Christ jewelers. It is a limited-edition charm that made it very rare and unique. This comes with sliver beds with a golden heart in the center which looks so appealing when worn as a bracelet or pendant. 

Holy grail – Another beautiful charm that is found in very less countries or cities is Holy grail charm. Its aesthetic appeal makes it look so amazing when paired with a bracelet or any other jewelry. These charms come with a classic blue bead hanging below from the sliver fixture shaped in flower form.