Prom Outfit Ideas You Can Choose From

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Dressing up for prom is, in their opinion, one of the toughest tasks for any high school goer. If you are not sure if you should keep it simple and go with a black tuxedo or amp it up and try burgundy prom suits, you have come to the right place. Here you will learn the basics of dressing up for prom. 

Prom suits for men are perhaps considered a staple at prom. However, that is not the case anymore. Unless you have a strict dress code, here is what you can do. 


If you are going after a modern, smart and clean look, buying a prom suit is the best decision. Try going with either a 3-piece or a 2-piece suit. A classic black suit does the bit, but you can also experiment with the color, texture and kind of cut you want. If you are in with the recent trends, slim-fit navy blue check prom suits for boys can surely enhance your look. 


On the other hand, a tuxedo is a great option as well. Paired with a wing collared shirt, a bow tie and sleek satin lapels, this style screams old school. Los Angeles has recently seen a tremendous boom in tuxedo wearers, and for good reason. With variations like skinny and slim fits, men of all sizes can easily pull it off. Silver cufflinks, a pair of black shoes and a great watch go amazingly with this polished look. 


Lastly, a blazer, essentially a suit-style jacket, is best for a more casual look. You can find these in a variety of colors which go very well with both T-shirts and shirts. So if you are trying to keep it simple and not trying to shock the room, this is a great look. You can find all such options and many more at Angelino