Must-Have Essentials In Your Wardrobe

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When you have a closet full of curated pieces that suit your lifestyle and style,  it gets pretty easy to dress up daily. The foundation of a great curated wardrobe is some good essentials. It may be best to invest in your basic or essential pieces because they form the backbone of your closet. Moreover, good quality essentials can be worn for several years. When buying them, it is best to consider the cost per wear. If they are worth the money, then you should go ahead and buy them.

You may want to build your wardrobe starting from a foundation of great basics but don’t know where to begin. Essentials will range from one person to another, depending on your lifestyle, style, personality, and profession. Mostly, they will be timeless pieces that go with most clothes in your wardrobe. Here are some wardrobe basics that are must-haves for your closet.

1.A structured blazer

A classic structured blazer is an outerwear piece that will elevate simple outfits, and it will always be in style. The secret to choosing a fitting structured blazer is to ensure that you select one that you can comfortably layer with other tops. For instance, a neutral tailored blazer can be styled with a blouse, simple t-shirt, or even dress.

A classic blazer is also versatile. Add a pair of denim and dainty accessories such as pearl earrings to such an outfit, and you will look effortlessly elegant.

  1. A pair of quality denim

A pair of denim is an excellent everyday staple, especially if your office allows for casual clothing. On top of being easy to style, jeans can also be elegant. White, black, and dark wash jeans look expensive and take a casual look to the next level. 

Denim pants come in a variety of styles. They range from slim fit, boot cut, straight leg to flared ones. Opt for one that flatters your body, and buy it in white or black. Remember also to purchase them in your favorite dark or medium wash.

3.The LBD

The LBD never goes out of style. It is a wardrobe staple for ladies of various age ranges. This dress will come in handy when you can’t settle on what to wear. It will also go with most colors, which makes it versatile to style.

You can dress it up by adding a pair of heeled sandals and a blazer. You can also dress it down. When choosing this dress, first consider your body type. Little black dresses come in a wide variety of styles; thus, there is always a dress to suit your body type and style.

4.A quality blouse

Blouses come in a variety of colors, styles, and textures. However, you will never go wrong with a classic silk blouse. Choose it in a neutral hue such as blush, white, camel, or light grey. This way, it will blend with several other pieces in your wardrobe. If you are unable to buy a silk blouse, you can opt for a more affordable blend. Various stores are selling high-quality blouses at different price ranges.

Essentials are supposed to go with most pieces in your closet. You will also find yourself appreciating the ease of dressing up when you own good Basics. As they are versatile, you can style them in several different ways.