Midi dress, which physique does it enhance?

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The perfect dress to enhance the shapes and hide some imperfections

For some years, fashion has been dusting off and updating the iconic midi models , proposing elegant, sophisticated and perfect dresses for many occasions for the spring-summer collection midi dresses.

With different cuts and colors, they are a must that no woman can give up. Before buying any midi dress , however, it is important to understand the fit in order to enhance some curves and cleverly hide the most critical points of the body.

Basically, the model along the calves enhances any type of body (apple, pear, rectangle or hourglass), but what makes the difference is precisely the design.

Going into more detail, a midi day dress that is soft on the top and narrower at the hips , shapes the figure, defining the waistline and harmonizing an apple (or circle) body. Pay attention to the imagination: the larger the prints, the more they give a sense of breadth, making you appear exaggeratedly fatter than you actually are. The vertical lines may help to streamline the figure.

For women with a pear-shaped (triangle) body, it is better to prefer a midi dress that is tight on the shoulders or in any case elasticated in order to enhance . It must be softer on the hips to avoid accentuating the roundness. Also in this case, the rule of choosing the prints applies , avoiding as much as possible too light colors, large polka dots and horizontal lines. As color combinations, preferably opt for white-black, gold-brown or midnight blue-silver. The floral patterns are also perfect without exaggerating too much though!

Rectangle physicists require midi dresses that can define the waistline, enhancing the curves . So choose dresses with a sweetheart neckline, round or boat-shaped and A-line models, in soft fabric. For long-limbed women, pencil ones are ideal, which shape the hips, making them more feminine. To harmonize and enhance the figure it is preferable to opt for plain colored dresses , with an elegant and refined touch. To avoid absolutely the models with balloon skirts.

An hourglass body is almost perfect. All midi models look good as long as they do justice to the waistline. For the day, a dress below the knee with a soft skirt is excellent ; for the evening, however, it is possible to enhance the shapes with a classic tight-fitting sheath dress.

If the final purpose of a dress is to make the woman who wears it feel not only at ease but above all self-confident, it is not surprising that the model that more than any other conquers the female heart is simple, discreet, almost minimal, very often with a dark shade or, in most cases, total black.