Learn About Extra Thin Magnetic Snaps Sew In Magnetic Snaps Wholesale

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Standard / Basic / Old Magnetic Abbreviations this types of sew in magnetic snaps wholesale are available.

  • Material

Materials used are Copper, metal, magnet.

  • Model Number:

Model numbers available are RC-E1020 / 1220/1420/1820.

  • Custom Logo available

This are the custom logo available are Laser, Caved, Tooling.

  • Size

Sizes available are 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, and 18mm.

  • Color

Colors provided are Gold / Nickel / Gun / Rose Gold / Brush Ant / Other.

  • Packing

Packaging are done in cartoon and box

  • Shipping

Shipping are done to LCL / DHL / FedEx / TNT / Other

Description of the product

10mm 12mm 14mm 18mm Small Magnet Nipples for Bag and Purse.

This magnetic button is very thin and strong to stay in contact with the object.

They are an excellent choice for apps where appearance is important and solid grip is best.

The body of the magnet is set in a leather bond leaving a small outer flange to lie down with the leather bag.

Know about the Code and size, Female Size Code Snap, TH Prong L and Magnet of sew in magnetic snaps wholesale

  • Code- RC-E1020 Size-10mm Female snap TH-2mm Prong L- 6.2mm, Magnet size-9.8mm Description-Powerful magnet with very small size. These can be used for small leather goods, eyeglass cases, toys.
  • Code- RC-E1220 Size-12mm Female snap TH- 2mm Prong L- 7.6mm Magnet size-11.5mm Description- Suitable for pockets and packaging. A shiny surface with a small width.
  • Code- RC-E1420 Size- 14mm Female snap TH- 2mm Prong L- 7.6mm Magnet size- 11mm Description-Thin body, Normal power. Handbags, luggage, soft boxes, high quality.
  • Code- RC-E1820 Size- 18mm Female snap TH- 2mm Prong L- 9mm Magnet size- 12mm Description-Thin body with grip strength. For handbags, luggage, backpacks, automobiles and aerospace.


Materials used are Female Capsule: Iron, Common Brass or Environmental Brass is available

Male Capsule: Iron

Power options

Normal Magnetic Energy: A magnetic interior size

Strong Magnetic Energy: A full size internal magnet


Legs, Stems or Rivets all of these can be provided with.

1 set = 1 Male, 1 Female, 2 Washers

10mm: 400 sets / box, 20 boxes / box

12mm: 200 sets / box, 20 boxes / box

14mm: 200 sets / box, 20 boxes / box

18mm: 100 sets / box, 20 boxes / box

Regular Color Listed

Hanging Nickle, Hanging Black Nickle, Hanging Light Gold, Hanging Gold, Hanging Bottom Gold, Rolling Nickle, Rolling Black Nickle, Rolling Light Gold, Rolling Bronze, Rolling Bottom Gold, Rolling Light Black Nickle, Rolling Dull Nickle, Light Antique Brass, Deep Antique Brass, Brush Antique Brass.

You can also email them for more colours like Spray Black, Rainbow, Pearl Nkl, Pearl Gold, Brush Nkl, and Brush Gold etc.


You can use it for File Box, Bag, Glasses Box and Purse.

Give a read about them and purchase sew in magnetic snaps wholesale

Find all kinds. Sew in magnetic snaps wholesale shortcuts that are suitable for use on any garment or handmade project at richarms. These materials are made of durable materials and are not easily broken when dropped. This sewing on magnetic snaps is available in a variety of sizes and shapes for various purposes. They can be sewn into any garment such as shirts, skirts and trousers, or attached to objects for decoration. The stitching magnets provided on the site can also be emphasized and may have different textures to suit different tastes and purposes.