How will you choose the right jewelry for your outfits?

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Wearing the right jewelry can complete your outfit and you are looking good. When you wear the wrong jewelry which will matter on what you will pair it will make you look uncomfortable. Most people love to wear jewelry these days. Although when you have a hard time choosing jewelry for your outfit. You can use these tips to help you choose right away to fit in your outfit. 

Scale is necessary

The jewelry size that you will choose must match your outfit. Wearing small jewelry can beat your outfit. That is why you’re wearing jewelry to stand out from the crowd. When you wear huge jewelry you may look clumsy and awkward. 

You have to wear small and simple jewelry to busy and patterned outfits. Wearing a small pearl necklace and stud earrings are simply just fine while the big jewelry can be ideal for simpler outfits. When you wear jeans and a simple blouse you can match them with big bangles or bib necklaces. Thus when you want to wear a conservative look you can wear simple jewelry that has a one-color outfit. 

The color and outfit

Picking a color is important when you are picking jewelry without looking like a colorful rainbow. You have to wear gold and silver jewelry to match all kinds of outfits that you have. This is also the same in neutral colors such as grey, white and black. When you want to try other colors you have to use the color wheel. Apart from this, you can also choose colors that are opposing colors such as purple and green. 

Detail your style

When you know your style you have an idea of what kind of jewelry you have to use. It will depend on the outfit that you’re wearing and the usage of accessories that you’re going to use. When you want to achieve a professional look you have to use simple jewelry from Grew & Co such as necklace and stud earrings. For a classic look, you can use a pearl necklace that has diamond earrings that will make you stand out.

 For an edgy look, you can use oversized jewelry and bib necklaces. At first, you might not choose the right jewelry for your outfit so you have to try combinations before having the right compliments in your style. 

Understand your skin tone

Matching jewelry will make you feel and look good. Although when you match jewelry with the type of your skin tone and outfit you will look greater. Using silver is perfect when you want to highlight your cool skin tones compared to gold. It highlights your warm skin tones for people that have black or darker hair. You should never be afraid to try something new with your style. 

Necklines outfit

Using necklaces is the main accessory. This should be matched with your shirt, blouse, or dress. When you have a V-shaped pendant it will look perfect on you. You can combine it with matching earrings while the pendant can highlight your face. For those square necks, you can have a small pendant with thin designs to make you look good.