How to wear paper bag pants: 6 Best stylist tips

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Women are attracted to fashion and the latest trends. To look more fashionable and keep up with trends, they test new clothing. Wherever they are, it increases their self-confidence and comfort. 

There are different bottom wears available, which make the woman go with the trend. One such bottom wear is paperbag pants which are fashionable, high-waisted bottoms with ruffled waistlines and loose legs. These styles of pants are available in a variety of cuts to fit different body shapes, from wide-leg pants to slim jeans. 

The paper bag trousers are available in fabrics like denim, linen, cotton, and faux leather. You can buy denim paper bag pants for everyday use, and they can be used for both casual and formal outfits. 

However, because these pants feature a ruffled waistline and extra volume, it could feel incredibly challenging to style the outfit. So, it is always advisable to pair paper bag trousers with a shorter or tighter top. 

Additionally, accessorizing your outfits correctly will make you look and feel better, and the following are the greatest stylish tips that you can follow to be more stylish always. 

Choose cropped pants if you are short

Wearing paper bag waist pants will make your frame appear larger if you are short due to the extra volume in the pants. Choose cropped pant that sits just above your ankle to avoid this. 

The natural line of the leg will be visible if the pants are cropped. Additionally, you can choose capris with a paper bag waist for a more fashionable appearance. If cropped pants aren’t your thing, consider paper bag waist shorts and skirts for a more attractive look.

Choose a wide-legged style if you are in plus size

Paperbag pants are available for all types of people. So, if you are plus size, you can choose pants with wide legs that have more volume in the legs. Your frame is beautifully balanced because of the added volume in the pants. Additionally, you can extend your frame by donning heels with wide-leg jeans.

Opt for a shorter or fitted top

Paperbag waist pants include extra material at the ruffled waistline, which gives your figure additional volume. The perfect outfit will be created for you by selecting a shorter or more fitted top to balance the proportions. Depending on the style of the pants, you might choose to wear a tank top, a fitting sweater, or a t-shirt.

Pair the pants with a cropped top

Pairing paper bag trousers with a cropped top are the next fantastic outfit you can create with them. The paper bag waist will be visible to everyone because the cropped tops are worn just above the waistline, and they don’t add any extra bulk to the area.

Tuck in your t-shirt or top

You can tuck in your t-shirt or another top if you prefer not to wear fitted or cropped clothes. And tucking in gives your clothing a balanced appearance. You can tuck everything in or just the front portion; either way, it will look fantastic. 

Use booties that add height 

Typically, paper bag pants for women are worn to elongate the legs. You can pair heels with your outfit to further enhance it. In case the paper bag waist pants have a loose bottom, they can be adjusted by wearing heels. And, booties will help to lengthen the line of your legs if you are short.


By following the stylist tips given above, you will get the greatest trendy look and increase your level of comfort in all of your activities. And always make sure you wear the right accessories along with your outfit to enhance your appearance.