How to Take Care of Colored Hair

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You may need to do a lot of maintenance to keep your colored hair looking lovely. Consider if it is advantageous to waste time and money. Before planning a trip to the salon, take into account these recommendations. After you’ve mastered them, you may experiment.

Skip the Shampoo

The color will fade if you wash your hair more often. Many people worry that not washing their hair every day would make it seem greasy, but everyday washing dries out both naturally occurring hair and hair that has been colored, which causes damage to both types of hair. Natural hair only requires occasional washing; dyed hair, on the other hand, requires cleaning no more than once a week to maintain its color.

Opt For Chilly Water

You may or might not be aware that certain colors bleed and run more rapidly in hot water. The cuticles raise when you heat your hair, harming it with heat. Some experts advise washing and cleaning with cold water once a week. A shower helmet is a smart safety measure to have on hand in case you decide to continue taking hot showers in spite of the warnings.

Safeguard Against Dryness

Try washing your hair less often if you discover that shampooing once a week is too much for it. Use a conditioner every three days if necessary. It may prolong the life of your hair color in addition to cleansing, moisturizing, smoothing, and adding shine to your hair.

Steer Clear of Sulfates

Almost all shampoos include sulfates, which may diminish your hair’s natural sheen and color. Using this method can help you keep your hair’s color vibrant since sulfates diminish the natural oils in your hair. Shampoos may or may not include sulfate; check the ingredient list to be certain. Use the shampoo that your hairstylist suggests if you want your freshly styled hair to endure. In the worst instance, they could attempt to sell it to you.


Using a hairdryer, which produces heat akin to that from a shower, appears to have the potential to make your hair dry and less brilliant in color. Your hair may now dry naturally. If it looks like progress is taking a while, have patience. You will be able to maintain your selected hair color for a longer period of time without endangering your health, which is the only conclusion that can be drawn.

Get a heat protectant if you often use a hair dryer, straightener, or curling iron. From the range of available choices, choose the best heat protection option for your needs. Several heat shields include conditioning components that keep hair moisturized and glossy even after repeated heating.

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But, the greatest source of information for maintaining your new hair color is your hairstylist. Where can you go to discover a reliable hair salon in Fairfield, Connecticut? It’s likely that Luscious and Co. employs experienced hair stylists in this industry.

In order to satisfy your demands and instruct you in the most recent hair care techniques, our stylists, who have years of expertise in the area, stay current on industry trends. It’s possible to interpret your haircut as a kind of personality indicator. Use the aforementioned advice to accentuate your hair’s inherent beauty.