How to Start Drop-Shipping Sunglasses

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In today’s world, just about anyone can start a business. All you need is an internet connection, a determined attitude, and an idea or product. Countless thousands of people are starting e-commerce businesses on top of working full time. Plus, thanks to the help of drop-shipping, it is quick and easy to get started. Drop-shipping is a fulfilment method in which the retailer does not keep their items themselves. Instead, when a customer buys an item, it is shipped directly from the supplier. The main advantage of this is that the retailer does not need to keep large amounts of inventory and can instead rely on a wholesaler or supplier. Wholesale eyewear is available from many companies, irrespective whether thy offer drop-shipping or not. One such company is Olympic Eyewear. Anyhow, this makes the process much more accessible for normal people.

Sunglasses are the perfect item with which to start your business. The global eyewear market is worth over £160 billion and is expected to increase by another 50% over the next five years. With the ease and availability of e-commerce, anyone can be involved in this gigantic industry. So, how does one start?

Starting Your Business

  • Set a goal – Whoever you are and however big or successful you want to be, setting a goal is the first step along the way. Having a goal is a great way to stay motivated. For most, a revenue or financial goal is the most common and clear thing to aim for.
  • Choose a product – Designer sunglasses are a fashion item highly sought after; this is on top of helping to look after the optical health of the wearer. They are small and therefore easy and cost-effective to ship. Wholesale sunglasses, like the ones sold by Olympic Eyewear, are a high-quality product. Different wholesalers or suppliers might offer products of different quality standards. It is therefore especially important to test your products to ensure what is being delivered to your customers is of a high enough standard. 

Sunglasses are by their very nature seasonal, and they are seasonal by hemisphere. This is to say that it is always sunny somewhere. As may be expected then, sales of sunglasses boom in the summer months. When the summer ends in the northern hemisphere, it begins in the southern hemisphere. This makes sunglasses a steady product, rather than a trendy product. Designer sunglasses will never go out of fashion, making them the perfect product for a business venture. 

  • Set up a store – A business is only as good as how it presents itself. A well-designed logo and a name that will attract customers is a good start. There are many apps and tools to help with the design elements and setting up of an online store, such as Alidropship and Shopify. It is now easier (and cheaper) than ever to design an e-commerce site and populate it with everything needed for it to become successful. 
  • Marketing – The final step is getting your product out there for people to buy. Given that there are over 500 million daily Instagram users, social media marketing is a crucial part of any modern business. In addition, Instagram has made itself much more shopping friendly. Once a business social media account has been created, populating it with regular content is the best way to direct customers to your business. Automated posts can be a huge help, especially if the business isn’t a full-time endeavor to start with. Reaching out to influencers, offering free or discounted products, and including giveaways for followers, will all see people being directed to your page in no time at all.