How to Hang Wall Tapestry on Ceiling

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During the Middle Ages, large buildings used tapestries to provide an artistic and functional value. Tapestries were placed on walls to help stop air drafts. You can still use tapestries today on walls or ceilings and enjoy the beauty.

Tapestries can be a great way to decorate bare walls if you don’t want to use a typical gallery wall. Luckily, you can easily add tapestry to your home without having your apartment look like the Vatican, thanks to the textile art, vintage, and weaving fabrics available as tapestries.

Finding affordable tapestries for sale is a great way to incorporate artful pieces that will add color, patterns, and texture to your home, whether you hang it behind your bed or over the sofa. However, most people have no idea how to hang tapestry from the ceiling.

Hanging tapestry from the ceiling is mostly suited for people looking to hang tapestry but not on their walls’ surface. Luckily, a tapestry isn’t entirely relegated to wall hanging. If you are looking to be more creative, here are steps you can use to hang wall tapestry from your ceiling:

Use a Baseboard

Tapestries and other weighty textiles require more support, and baseboards are a great way to secure tapestry pieces to the wall. All you need to do is find a board that will perfectly fit in the tapestry’s rod pocket at the back.

And if your tapestry doesn’t have a pocket, then you can always hand-sew a custom one with heavy fabric. We recommend cutting the board smaller than the tapestry’s width. On the board, mark where you intend to insert the screws and drill holes.

Once the baseboard is ready, slide it into the pocket, fold the tapestry’s sides, and then screw the baseboard into your wall.

Create a Canopy

Because you don’t want to limit yourself to the wall, then this is one of the best ways to hang your tapestry or textile from the ceiling. Creating a canopy is the best way to drape your tapestry from the ceiling onto your wall and still create an intimate sitting area or dreamy bed setting.

Use Magnets

You can also use magnets to hang tapestry from the ceiling. You can start by marking your designated position with a pencil and mount magnets on every pencil mark.

Next, set your tapestry against the magnet and place the opposing sides over them so that the magnetic elements act like the glue holding the tapestries up without any damage to your walls. Using this method, you can easily switch out the tapestries if they are of similar size.

Use Velcro

If you live in a rented space, the last thing you need is to drill holes onto those walls. You can secure a tapestry with Velcro and still get your security deposit back once you move out in such situations.

All you need is a Velcro tape that you can use to attach your tapestry to the wall. It is also an excellent method if you have a curved wall or don’t intend to put any holes in the tapestry fabric.