How to fire up your look in a chanderi silk saree

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Wearing a saree is traditional attire for every woman in Bengal. Before the progressive era, sarees were only famous in Bengal and southern states, but nowadays, sarees are regarded as one of the topmost fashionable attire. In today’s age, sarees have taken a unique position in the fashion world. It is considered to be the most beautiful attire, which often covers the entire body yet creates an attractive look. Sarees are of different types, among which Chanderi silk sarees are one of a kind.

The Chanderi silk sarees is a traditional saree that is often characterized by a sheer textured lightweight saree belonging to the state of Madhya Pradesh. It can be classified into three types- Chanderi cotton, Chanderi silk, and Chanderi cotton silk. Nowadays, the Chanderi silk sarees occupy a position in the wardrobe of saree connoisseurs.

It is that kind of sarees that enhance your looks and often suits your identity on every occasion. Not only that, but you can also create the look with your chanderi silk sarees. Some of them are as follows:

  • Traditional way: If you are going to attend any meeting or if you are a teacher and going to participate in any function, the traditional way of wearing silk sarees can help you to get into the theme. Generally, traditional chanderi silk sarees are all about their work with sarees. To create a traditional yet sober look, simply drape the saree and keep your pallu in the front position. Wearing such kinds of sarees In this way is regarded as the most elegant way of creating the look. Along with that, when you opt for the traditional way, you must put some heavy jewellery along with it.
  • Pant style chanderi silk saree: If you want to create a different look with the chanderi silk sarees, wear them in another way than the Marathi style. You must wear a chanderi silk saree of green colour for such type. The green colour of the sarees often seems to be perfectly styled with style. Wearing the sarees in such a style often creates a bold yet impressive sparkle to your look.
  • Pallu lock style: You can also wear the saree with a pallu lock style. Generally, the Chanderi silk sarees are made up of rich Zari work, and hence it often creates an elegant look. If you want to flaunt your pallu, you must try this saree style. To make this look, you first need to lock your upper part of the pallu and flip it up with the lower part of the pallu. It will help you to create a more elegant look. To complete your look, you also need to wear a piece of heavy jewellery.
  • Use accessories: To complete your look, you can also add the golden colour belt and golden jhumkas to fire up your overall look.

The chanderi silk sarees are regarded as the most elegant sarees, which often create a smart look for everyone.