How to Find Your Right Denim?

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Denim is the iconic anchor to any woman’s wardrobe that can be worn effortlessly. Although everything is just easy with denim, what is tough is getting the right pair with the right fit. Here is our approach, which will help you pool the best one on-the-go.

Denims Complementing Body Types

  • Skinny denim- Apple, Hour-glass, Athletic, Pear
  • Boyfriend denim- Apple and Athletic
  • Straight-leg denim- Apple, Hour-glass, Athletic
  • Flare denim- Hour-glass and Pear

Finding the Rise

Decades have witnessed various rise trends but before experimenting, it is good to know which of these compliment your body type.

  • Low-Rise- This is a denim type that is best suited to flaunt your curvy hips. If the hip fit is snug, you are perfect to get going. Every body type can experiment with this rise because it enhances the curves.
  • Mid-Rise- It is the best figure-friendly denim you can ever acquire. This comforts every body type and also helps structure the midsection of your body. It is the best go-to pants you can own.
  • High-Rise- This is a retro classic fit pant. Small waists adorn this rise. Athletic bodies are perfect for this and hour-glass figures can flaunt it more with the ones that can stretch.

Finding the Fit

  • Boyfriend Denim- They have varying degrees of fit and can be slimmer cut at times.
  • Straight Leg- They are more laid-back and less body conscious pants. If skinnies are an issue for you, these are the best go-to pants.
  • Bootcut Denim- These are the cousin to the flared jeans that come with great boot heels. It is subtler than the classic takes.
  • Flared denim- They have big bells or flares at the bottom hem and are perfect to make statements.
  • Skinny Denim- These are the slimmest to your ankles compared to the rest of the parts. They are stretchable.

Finding the Right wash

  • Dark Wash- These washes make the denim appear universally appealing. They can be daunted by any shape and size.
  • Light to Medium Wash- This is the workhorse wash and can suit any time of the day and any time of the year. It is always appropriate to wear them. The lighter the wash the casual it appears to be. It can be styled keeping in mind the time of the year.
  • Colored- The colored denim creates a pushier appeal for the warmer months and darker styles can be pulled through these.

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