How to edit your instagram photos like a pro!

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We all love our instagram’s explore feed, don’t we. We all love ourselves some bright, colourful and aesthetic pictures. While scrolling through your instagram feed, we noticed that all our favourite accounts have something in common – captivating pictures. We often wonder how people manage to click and edit such wonderful photos, right? Instagram is a simple but great tool to grow your personal brand or just for building a pretty looking instagram feed. Well, here’s a secret – you don’t need to be a professional photographer or editor to produce such stunning photos. All you need to have is a phone with a good camera, some editing tools and a little practice.

Millions of pictures are shared on social media everyday and you definitely don’t want your followers to miss a post by you. So what will attract your followers to your post? A stunning and captivating photo. You feel like you’re not an editing expert and have no idea of how to take pictures and how to edit them? Well, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll talk about how we can edit our photos like professionals. The following tips will guide you through the process step by step.

  1. Quality Image – The first step towards producing a great image is to start with a good quality shot. If you’re starting with an awfully bad image, no amount of editing can help fix that. A better strategy is to begin with a good picture and editing it further to make it great. To begin with, ensure that you have proper lighting – you need to make sure that the photo is well lit. It is important we understand that lighting is the key to a great image. No photo editor can help improve the quality of an image with poor lighting. It is advisable to choose natural light over artificial lighting wherever possible. One can also try imitating your favorite instagram pictures. Check out how they take pictures and take inspiration from them.
  2. Use strong elements – Pictures with strong elements – shapes, figures, lines, colour etc stand out better than other pictures. The main element should always be more focused on and larger than the other elements to draw the audience’s attention towards your photos.
  3. Use editing apps – Although instagram has its own editing features and filters, the inventory is fairly limited. We can use a photo app instead that can help achieve our desired final output. We can use third party editing tools and apps to get the desired effect. These tools have a far larger inventory when it comes to editing features like filters, light adjustments, stickers, frames, etc. This can help in enhancing the quality of the image, the look and overall impact. There are a lot of apps available on the market that offer different features. You can choose the best app according to your needs and interests. Here, one can adjust the lighting of the image or maybe even crop it. You can add effects and filters to achieve the perfect look. It is also important that we focus on the minor edits like the contrast, shadows, warmth, highlights, etc. It is also important to use these minor edits conservatively as overdoing it can ruin the overall outcome.
  4. Practice – The final step and the most important step is to keep practicing these editing skills regularly. We can’t achieve perfection overnight. Keep practicing and experimenting with new techniques and elements everytime and you’ll eventually have a hang of it.