Guide to Materials for Ear Gauges, Plugs & Tunnels

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Stretching of ear lobes is more popular than you think. From ear gauges to tunnels, they use different types of ear lobe plugs to complete the process.

Speaking of ear lobe stretching, you must choose the right type of material for your gauges and plugs. You may think it is not important. But in reality, it makes a big difference.

Selecting the right ear plugs material allows you to wear them comfortably and without irritation or any other issues. Also, ear stretching jewellery materials have evolved significantly to create some amazing effects that you can add to your collection.

Here are the different materials used for ear plugs, gauges & tunnels:

Stainless steel

This is the most popular type of material used for piercings and body jewellery. The good thing is that it is quite affordable.


Gold ear plugs and gauges have been worn since ancient times. When choosing gold ear jewellery make sure it is at least 14 or 18 carats. But if you have a flexible budget, then you can go for 24 carats as well.


Silver is also a very common material used for various body jewelry options. It is a soft material which means it can get scratched easily. But it is great for daily wear.


This is a nickel-free alternative, which is very durable. It is best suited for people with allergies and sensitive skin.


They make use of borosilicate glass for ear plugs and tunnels and thus, making it resistant to high temperatures. Glass ear plugs are easy to maintain.


Ear plugs and gauges made of wood are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Since they are made of organic material, they have a down-to-earth vibe. But wooden ear gauges tend to become darker over time.


Stone plugs and piercings have become very popular these days. It is the heaviest of all organic material types.


This is an affordable option. Acrylic ear gauges are lightweight and safe to use.


Ear plugs made of silicone are very rubbery and soft. This makes them very comfortable to wear. But as a material, it is high-maintenance.


It is used for traditional ear stretching and is quite popular. However, they are not suitable for healing ears.


Titanium is the most common material used for body piercings. This is because it is durable, lightweight, and makes a great choice. People with sensitive skin can opt for Titanium as it is nickel-free.

So you can see the number of options you have. Ear plugs, tunnels, and gauges are available in a wide range of materials. It is up to your choice which material you will pick.