Great Ways to Wear Mini Dresses

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Mini dresses are among the most fun types to wear. Whilst some are classic, sleek, and fitted, others love to flow or flare. Mini dresses can be great on their own, but you’ve gotta know how to style them, too. What footwear, for instance, goes best with a mini dress? And which accessories? And how can your hair bring out the best in a mini cut? Well, girlfriends, you have stumbled upon a goldmine. Here are some great ways to wear mini dresses—for you, on a silver platter. Eat up these top styling tips today!

With ankle-strapped heels

Ankle-strapped heels are a great addition to almost any outfit. This is especially the case with mini dresses, which were made to show off some leg. With the legs on display, this gives the ankle-strapped heels all the more space to shine. There is little to deter from the straps, as they grow from the ankles and wrap themselves around the calves like symmetrical grapevines.

ankle-strapped heels

Alamour The Label

With floral accessories

This goes double for mini dresses in floral print. Mini dresses are often part of a spring or summer wardrobe, and florals feature heavily throughout these seasons. Why not complement your floral attire with further florals? And even if your mini is lacking florals, such accessories could play into the seasonal vibes. Just make sure your accessories either match or complement your outfit!

With neutral accessories

Sometimes, mini dresses look fabulous on their own and they need little to complete them. In cases such as these, your best bet is neutral or metallic accessories. Golden hoop earrings, for example, are a great staple that can bring out the best in almost any outfit.

Image: Alamour The Label

With mule heels

Some red dresses look best with classic mule heels. For an understated look, try mules on in neutral or nude tones. If your dress is a darker colour, then the lighter-toned shoes will give your mini a chance to shine.

mule heels

Image: Alamour The Label

With leather boots

Now, obviously, you can’t pull on any old pair of leather boots to pull off this look. In the same vein as our mule heels recommendation above, neutral will work best, but be sure to choose wisely. We would advise against black boots with a white mini, for example, as these would likely clash. Moreover, neutral tones are better if there is a similar neutral colour in the ensemble. This is to allow the two shades to bounce off one another.

leather boots

Image: Alamour Society

Occasionally, fun or colourful patterns can work—provided the mini is every bit as fun as the patterns. In the case of the Kalia Dress above, the mid-calf boots work because—as is the case with the ankle-strapped heels—the legs are on display. Thanks to the short cut of the mini dress, the boots have all the room in the world to ascend the legs and show off their colourful design.

With a statement clutch

You technically don’t wear a clutch, but it’s very much a part of your outfit. Clutches are elegant and they often match or contrast your dress. If you have a white mini dress, this is your chance to create a statement—with accent pieces.

brilliant use of a belt

Image: Alamour Society

In the case of the Clematis Dress above, we have a bold fashion decision of bright orange shoes to match a bright orange clutch. It’s an unusual choice, but because the dress is so white—and so feathered—the matching accent orange pieces, though striking, somehow work. Why not experiment with your favourite white mini and see what happens?

With a belt

No matter how cinched the waist, or A-line the silhouette, of your mini dress, it can never hurt to tighten the silhouette further—are we right, ladies? You can achieve this by adding a belt. The belt doesn’t even need to draw in the waist. It can simply add visual interest to your outfit.

brilliant use of a belt

What brilliant use of a belt to make this mini stand out! Image: Alamour Society

The above outfit is a thematically coordinated outfit if we ever saw one. The belt becomes the centrepiece of the Arina Dress, simultaneously blending into the black colour scheme and standing out from it, thanks to its golden buckle. This shiny-on-black theme is echoed in the rhinestone-encrusted heels, and even in the gold writing on that designer handbag. The belt not only makes the dress, but it influences the whole outfit, too.

Feeling inspired?

Whether you’re wanting to add a single accessory or create a killer combination à la the Arina outfit above, we hope we’ve got the creative juices flowing. Overall, the best thing about mini dresses is the way they bare a minimum of half the leg. This not only makes minis easy to move in but also gives your footwear a chance to shine. If you had knee-high boots or sandals with high-reaching straps, now would be the time to wear them.

Mini dresses are a ton of fun and they’re the ultimate party dress. Whether you’re going to a party or just wearing one out and about, we hope we have helped you to fall in love with this short-yet-sweet cut of dress all over again.