Four reasons you should never skip conditioner in your hair care routine

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We often use conditioner after we have used shampoo for washing our hair. The primary purpose of a typical conditioner is to hydrate the frizzy and damaged hair. It also helps you get rid of the split ends. It also provides shine to the keratin. Conditioners add significant shine, temporarily seal the split ends, improve the condition of the scalp and strengthen the bond in the hair. A good quality hair conditioner makes your hair softer and protects the hair shafts from further damage.

Mentioned below are the four main reasons you should avoid skipping the conditioner in your hair care routine:

  • The conditioner provides nourishment to damaged hair.

The shampoo you use should depend on your scalp type. If your scalp is oily with dry ends, you should use a shampoo which reduces the excessive oil production in your scalp. A shampoo tries to cleanse and refresh the scalp. It will also do a very great job of rejuvenating your scalp. It will take the natural oils away from the lengths and leave them frizzier. Conditioner protects the cuticle, which in turn protects the inner core; hence, you should use a hair conditioner. 

  • They smooth down the frizz and improve the shine.

You must follow up on the conditioner for smoothening your hair regardless of which shampoo you use. A conditioner also alleviates dryness. A conditioner is an element which has a positive charge. When the conditioner is applied to your hair which is negatively charged, everything works in sync, and it ultimately tends to reduce the static electricity of your hair. A good conditioner provides overall nourishment to your hair and reduces the split ends to a great extent. Sometimes, when you have dry hair, a hair strand might rub on another one, and it could also lead to friction which is reduced by a good quality hair conditioner. It also adds shine to your hair.

  • Using a conditioner can help reduce styling time.

It will help if you use a conditioner containing good-quality silicone and polymers. Using the hair conditioner properly will help you achieve the shine you have always longed for. It is recommended to use the hair conditioner regularly to save yourself from the extra hassle of rummaging through different shampoo products. Many people take chemical treatments such as colouring and straightening, which depletes the moisture from your hair. Conditioners help your coloured hair look fresh for a long time. They also keep hair dryness at bay.

  • It prevents hair fall.

Skipping a hair conditioner makes you 3X more prone to hair fall. This is because when the shampoo cleans the hair, it washes away all the essential nourishment making hair weak and brittle. If by any chance, you skip your hair conditioner, your hair is subjected to the risk of hair fall from the excessive styling. Therefore, you should use a conditioner as it saves your precious strands from the pressings of a straightener which could cause excessive damage to your hair. Furthermore, when you blow dry your hair, it puts your hair in repeated tension, and hence you ought to use a conditioner to retain its strength.