Four Reasons Werid People Have the Best Sex Lives

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Be honest with yourself. The absolutely best sex you’ve ever had in your life was probably with the strangest person you know. If that person also happens to be your partner, well, congratulations. The thing about being a weird person is that the weirdness usually extends into every part of life – including the bedroom. For couples, keeping things fresh in their sex lives can be a real challenge, but a partner who is not afraid to be a little weird can make all the difference. Here are four reasons weird people have the best sex lives:

1. They Always Have the Best Clothes

Without a doubt, weird people have the most fun and exciting clothes and that includes underwear. A weird person isn’t afraid to get out the matching couples underwear and ask, “Will it be the bald eagle pair tonight, honey, or the ice cream sundaes?” There’s nothing like sheathing your fun-time bits in bright colors and out-there patterns to liven up a stale bedroom. Who else will wear odd things with you but an odd person?

This extends to costumes, as well. Only a weird person is putting on a nun habit for that one particular fantasy you’ve always had.

2. They React the Right Way to Embarrassing Things

Here’s the thing about sex: it can get a little awkward. Often, it gets a little messy, too. There are a lot of body parts moving around and plenty of potential for things to get off track. An easy-going person knows that the embarrassing bits are all a part of the fun. Lose traction on the dismount? No biggie. Let a little fart out on accident? There’s no reason not to laugh it off.

No matter how awkward things might get, a good-natured laugh between partners is usually enough to set things right again.

3. They’re Excited to Try Something Different

The biggest enemy of a great sex life is complacency. The same move, the same position, the same place, over and over, can get a little boring. Sex is supposed to be fun. When your sex life stops feeling like entertainment and starts feeling like work, it’s time to get a little creative.

Weirdos aren’t afraid to mix it up a little – or even a lot when necessary. They are ready to explore new and different ways to find some excitement between the sheets – or wherever else you decide to get it on. Of course, when you inevitably get a cramp in your leg from that new position you knew better than to try, you know your partner will take over from there. A little adventure isn’t without some risk, right?

4. They’re Not Afraid To Be Someone Entirely New

A little roleplay, anyone? When things in the bedroom get a little stale, a new person can freshen it up. This doesn’t literally mean a new person (unless that’s your thing). Role-playing is a go-to method for couples who have hit a rut in their sex life, but it takes the confidence and commitment of a truly weird person to act out your weirdest fantasies. If you’ve ever fantasized about cuddling up to an Iditarod musher 500 miles into the race, it’ll probably take a quirky person and a fluffy blanket to make that fantasy feel real.

Perhaps you’re someone who prefers a subdued and predictable sex life. To each their own, as they say. Everyone else is looking for that person that matches their own weirdness and brings a spark of fun and adventure into everything they do. Weird people aren’t afraid to be themselves, and confidence is the key to a great sex life.