Flower-Making with Luv Sola Wood

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It’s only natural to begin thinking about fall as the days become shorter, so you may be wondering how you might prolong summer until its final end. What if I told you there was a method to make your home feel warm and inviting all the time, no matter how cold the weather outside is?

When you use Luv Sola Wood Flowers to decorate your home, you can add color wherever you wish, and it will appear as though there are tons of recently cut flowers all over the place. However, if you don’t want to, you are not required to water your flowers. This is true since Luv Sola Wood Flowers are constructed of wood.

These wood flowers have such finely done detailing that they resemble the real thing. But you may keep them around for as long as you desire because they are built to last. Your distinctive, lovely wooden flower arrangement will infuse your house with a sense of freshness and calm.

Everything You Need to Know About Wood Flowers

When florists need something that will survive longer than conventional flowers, they employ these in bridal bouquets and other flower arrangements. These wooden flowers come in a wide variety of sizes and forms. However, they aren’t just for use by florists. You may create a work of art in your home by ordering your own Luv Sola Flowers. These blooms are used in inventive ways by crafters as well.

You can pick between raw wooden flowers, which are naturally white, and skinned wooden flowers, which are naturally brown. The “skin” is a product made from the “skin” of the Shola plant’s side. It has the appearance of a thin strip of bark and a woody odor. The addition of the skin transforms the flower into something special and gives it more character.

When you first see Luv Sola flowers, you might be unsure of how long they will remain. They require specific handling attention even though they last much longer than the flowers you are accustomed to. Your arrangement needs to be kept in a room in your house that is cold, dark, and gets little direct sunshine. There is nothing else that has to be done aside from that. Take into consideration having a lovely wooden flower arrangement in your home that you don’t have to worry about maintaining.

Allow Your Imagination to Soar

Similar to how you would with actual flowers, you can arrange your Luv Sola Flowers as you like. Please take note that the box does not contain the stems for these wooden flowers. You are free to order stems if you choose. You might not even require them, depending on the style you select. You can purchase textured or green stems if you want to put your wooden flowers in a vase. In a vase, flowers typically require some sort of support. Both are rather flexible, making them easier to deal with in the craft industry.

So, how do you intend to construct the wooden flower arrangement you’ve been considering? Do you utilize glass jars to create various floral arrangements, or do you have a vintage vase that has been handed down through your family? There are numerous things you can do to make your arrangement stand out if you use your imagination and think outside the box. The following ideas are provided to spark your imagination:

Wooden Flowers And Books

Using an Exacto knife, cut a little square out of the center of an old book. This will serve as the foundation for your wooden flower. Remove the pages, being careful to leave a hole in the center. Place your wooden flowers there, so they appear to be emerging from the book.

Metal Canisters

Do you keep an old metal container around just because it’s cool-looking? You can leave your canister out and utilize it all the time by creating a lovely flower display out of wood.

Uncover An Old Purse.

Find one with a strong frame and a nice strap. Purchase some wooden flowers to complement it next. The main goal is to secure it to a doorknob or hook so it may be hung. Make sure the top of the purse is open when you arrange your wooden flowers. This will give the impression that the flowers are emerging from the handbag.

Wooden flower arrangements could improve your home in more ways than one. People claim that floral arrangements can promote feelings of tranquility and harmony. Your breathing will slow down as a result of concentrating on the arrangements, which will make it simpler for you to be present while working on your job.

Arranging flowers may improve your mood and your ability to think, which are both positive things as you consider how you want your wooden flower arrangement to look.

You can also build wreaths and garlands out of wooden flower arrangements thanks to the various varieties of flexible stems. There are essentially no restrictions on what you can accomplish with wooden flowers.

For additional project inspiration, visit our website, social media profiles, or even Pinterest. We also enjoy learning about fresh initiatives. Anything you can imagine can be made. It’s all up to you!


You’ll have a blast working with Luv Sola Flowers. Whether this is your first time with flowers or your tenth, they are simple to work with because they last a long time. Making memories that last is a beautiful reminder of all of the good times that have passed and all of the good times that are yet to come. If you end up placing a wooden flower arrangement in each room of the house, don’t be shocked. The allure of long-lasting, unique arrangements is such a strong one. It will be everywhere in no time at all. Just wait and see.

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