Factors That Cause Eyebrow Tattoo Fading

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Tattoos have gained a different prominence in the last few decades throughout the world. With the emergence of several tattoo artists and parlors, tattoo art has reached a momentum where there is no need to look back on the journey. But the central part of tattooing which lacks awareness is the Tattoo aftercare.

People interested in getting inked must also be aware of the aftercare and procedure, and it takes at least a month to get healed naturally. The healing process depends on the skin type and may take longer than usual if not taken care of properly.

This process is necessary as this phase decides whether the tattoo color will be healthier and brighter and will not fade any time soon because the tattoo enthusiasts must know that without proper aftercare for the tattoos, it may harm the tattoo by getting fade sooner.

What’s so special?

Eyebrow tattoos are impressive as it remains sharper and darker than you would have expected right after the inking process. With time, it will start fading, but you should not worry as this is the specialty of these tattoos. They will continue fading until the scabbing process takes place. Once the skins fell away, the true color of the tattoo will be visible. You will love this true color of the tattoo. But for that, you need to take proper care of the tattoo from day one.

The tattoo changes its appearance as the skin gets softened before getting the full color. The skin receives buffered from 50- 70% during this time. The eyebrow tattoo’s actual color comes out after completion of the sixth week and may take up to the eighth week to become the best possible one. If you have inked a permanent tattoo, you should not worry about getting the tattoo faded from its natural color.


To get the best color in the tattoo, you need to maintain some precautions and make sure every product you are using as an aftercare one is specially manufactured for this purpose. The chemicals used in it are not harmful to the eyes.

You should avoid using mascara, kajal, and other makeup products at the eyes and its surrounding area for few days, if possible, for two weeks at least. You should not come out in direct sunlight without using a proper tattoo sunscreen.

You should also avoid salty water or a quick shower over the eyelids and swimming in the pool for at least two weeks. These measures and precautions will ensure that you will get the best color in your tattoo’s future. The color will stay for longer, and you don’t need to worry about them fading away.

Besides being risky, the eyelid is also a sensitive place to get the tattoo done. You must be aware of facts that needed to be maintained in taking care of the tattoo. This will ensure that your skin and eyes will be safe from any harm, and the color of the tattoo will be fixed.