Facelifting The Key Areas of Hair Salon with The Right Furniture and Equipment

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Starting a hair salon business can be exciting as well as challenging. Not only does the cosmetics industry boast a revenue of $350 billion across the globe, but there are several trends that have affected the industry in a great way. Over the decades, these trends closely and majorly impacted the equipment used in a hair salon. In other words, the equipment, furniture and other hair salon supplies have evolved over the decades and we have a whole new series of essentials that are sought by groups of customers. 

We shall take a look at some equipment necessary nowadays at a hair salon.

  • The reception

The reception area is perhaps the most visited one at a hair salon. It is the area the customers visit as they enter. This is where they usually approach in case of enquiry. So, the reception area must have a welcoming effect. For this purpose, you can have welcoming mats which are neat and tidy. Apart from the mats, you’ll also need a reception desk that also has space for the POS machine and a telephone. 

With this basic set-up at the reception area, you’re good to go.

  • The waiting area

Once the customers are inside your hair salon, the waiting area is perhaps where they’ll be shown to, next. So, the waiting area must have a comfortable seating capacity as well as arrangement. You can have soft or saddle stools or even a long leather couch that gives off the feeling of comfort. You can also club this with magazines, for the customers to read as they wait. It’s one way of showing the customers that you respect their time.

  • Equipment during service

During the service, backwash units, styling chairs and styling stations with mirrors are some of the most important parts of a hair salon. And, Lanvain hair salon equipment covers its exclusive range. For the shampoo area, you can choose comfortable shampoo chairs, along with wooden shampoo bowls, the hair color bar and of course a decorative shampoo storage cabinet. These are a few equipment ideas which don’t seem extravagant and are extremely important for a hair salon.

So, choosing the right furniture and equipment for different areas in your hair salon, requires an in-depth study of the field. That is why there are professionals to help you through the process.