Extend the Life of the Battery of Your Wireless Earphones with Mic

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Are you happy with the battery life of your wireless headphones with mic? If no, it is time to go for a new model, but pause or moment and learn some tricks to help you extend the battery life of your microphone. Keep reading as we explore the best methods that you can use.

Make Sure to Use the Right Headset Charging Process

When manufacturers design motorola xts 1500 earpiece, they are very clear about different parameters. So, if you use a different charger with varying power ratings, it can easily damage the battery and reduce the power holding ability. Visit the manufacturer’s website to find out the best charger rating or order one.

When it comes to charging the wireless headphones, make sure to insert all the plugins. If you are using the dock to charge the headset, know that it takes longer than charging directly from a socket.  When charging the wireless headphone with mic directly, make sure to unplug it immediately if it is fully charged.

Charge the Battery to Fill Capacity to 100% after Purchasing It

If you ordered a new battery for your wireless headphone with mic, it is not fully charged when leaving the factory. If you immediately start using the battery without charging it, some cells might not be activated and might fail to take full charge thereafter. The best thing is charging the battery for about 6-8 hours to 100%.

Another way of keeping the battery in top condition is ensuring you only recharge when the charge gets low. This implies that all the cells will be active and capable of holding the charge over a longer period.

Charge the Battery Wireless Headphone with Mic Until the Indicator Light Shows It is Full

If you take a closer look at the headphone batteries, you will realize that they are very small. Therefore, most people charge them for about two hours. However, the headphone batteries are different from the mobile batteries, which means that they can extend the charging time. Therefore, even if the best time to charge the battery is two hours, you should charge it until the indicator shows it is full. At that point, you can unplug it from the mains.

Remember that the more the number of times you charge a battery, the weaker it becomes and lesser the amount of charge it is able to hold. Most battery charging cycles are 300-500m, after which the power holding ability declines sharply. At this point, there is little that you can do to improve the battery’s capacity to hold power for longer. Therefore, it is time to start planning for a replacement.

Only Buy High Quality Wireless Headphones with Mic

We must indicate that if you want to enjoy longer battery life, high-quality music, and value for money, the journey has to start with the wireless headphones that you purchase. If the headphones are of poor quality, you can expect the battery to start losing power fast. So, carefully review the models available on the market with special focus on the battery life. You might also want to talk to the company support to ask all the questions you might have about battery life.

Reading through reviews, both from experts and past users, can also give you an idea of the overall battery life. If they raise an issue with the battery life, perhaps fast discharge or damage, take up the issue with the support to establish if it has been resolved.

In this post, we have highlighted the most effective methods that you can use to extend the life of your wireless headphones with mic. As we have demonstrated, buying high-quality wireless headphones is the first step in extending the life of batteries. Visit Happy Plugs now to see some of the best wireless headphones, including Air 1Zen True Wireless Headphones, on the market.